Streatham Ice Arena in London

Streatham Ice Arena is one of the best sporting places in London, offering a variety of ice skating services and playing opportunities. They have a vibrant history of welcoming people for more than 75 years and many celebrities and sports persons visit this place every so often. The centre provides excellent play areas for both ice hockey and figure skating. The best thing about this arena is that it opens all year, seven days a week so that everyone can find time to have quality time there.

They also offer skating courses for individuals or groups for all types of levels from amateur to professional level.

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    Streatham Ice Arena was opened in 1931 in the Ice Rink London and in Streatham Redskins. On December 18, 2011, the arena was permanently closed because it has been planned to be completely demolished, only to be built a better venue by 2013.

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    Services of Streatham Ice Arena

    Streatham Ice Arena offers a variety of skating and ice hockey opportunities along with training services and equipment hire services for people.

    - Ice hockey
    - Figure skating
    - Training courses
    - School courses
    - Events
    - Café
    - Skate shop
    - Skating equipment hire

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    Operational Hours of Streatham Ice Arena

    Streatham Ice Arena operates from 10:30 am to 09:00 pm Monday to Thursday while on Fridays and Saturdays, it runs from 10:30 am to 11:30 pm and on Sundays, it runs from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm.

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    Entry Requirement

    The entry requirements vary depending on the age group, type of course and session you want to attend. For up to date ticket pricing and course, visit this link!

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    How to Contact Streatham Ice Arena

    If you wish to contact Streatham Ice Arena then you can make use of the following contact number.

    Contact Number: +44 20 8769 7771

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    Location of the Streatham Ice Arena

    386 Streatham High Rd, London, SW16 6HT, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get There

    There is no tube, tram or pier near Streathem Ice Arena so bus is the only public transport option to choose from.

    By Bus

    You can also get to Streatham Ice Arena by bus. The bus stop is located just on the left hand side and is called Streatham Bus Garagelce Arena (Stop SH) ,which serves bus numbers 249, 255, G1 and P13. The bus stop is at a 102 feet distance from the destination and its takes 23 seconds to cover it. View Map

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