Sympathy Email On Death

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation when a loved one needs a few kind words to come out of the influence of a tragic incident. Being human, we all need sympathy and kindness especially when someone really close to us passes away.

No matter how far you are, a sympathy email can play a vital role in consoling someone. However, a condolence email is a bit different from a sympathy letter as you do not discuss much in the former and summarise your thoughts in just a few sentences.

This can be difficult but if you know the right format then it should not be an issue.

First of all, put the correct email address of your receiver and then mention the subject of this email.

After doing this, you should start your email with a proper salutation and then offer your commiserations straight away in the beginning. Do not try to be formal otherwise your words will lose their essence. Try to say something inspirational to make him strong and patient.

You may share some personal experience and pay tribute to the deceased in the next paragraph. Then offer your unconditional support for the recipient and say something courteous to conclude.


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    Sample of Sympathy Email on Death:

    Subject: Few words of condolence on the death of Steve

    Dear Ricki,

    I just heard the news about your friend Steve and I cannot tell you how devastated I am after getting this news. We just met three days ago and who knew that it will be our last meeting. This must a tough time and sadly I am not with you to share this pain. I just want to tell you that my heart aches for you.

    Steve was a really nice person and I know how close you were to him. However, just keep in mind that time heals every wound. Just be patient and find the strength to bear this pain.

    My sympathy is with you and I pray that Steve’s soul rests in peace.

    God Bless you.

    Nick Hudson

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    Template of Sympathy Email on Death:

    To: [email address of the recipient]
    Subject: [Condolence on the death of {name of the deceased}]

    Dear [name of the receiver],

    I don’t know what to say as words cannot express what I am feeling right know after getting the unfortunate news on the death of [name of the deceased]. What a tragedy and I understand what you and others are going through at the moment.

    I just want to say that this is my personal loss and my heart is mourning with you. However, you need to be strong at this moment of grief and keep praying for [deceased’s name] soul.

    All my prayers are with you and please pass my words of condolence to other relatives as well.

    May the Lord bless [deceased’s name] soul. Amen.

    [Your Name]

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