Thank You College Interview Email

College interviews are pretty challenging and when you do get a chance to attend one, it becomes your goal to show to the college administration that you are worth considering and deserve admission.

But what happens after you attend a college interview and do your best?

The best way to let the college know you are a good candidate is to write a thank you email.

Start the email by using opening salutation like Respected Sir. You can also use the name of the recipient (if you are familiar).

Start the first paragraph by stating that you are very happy to have found an opportunity to take the interview. Thank the recipient and appreciate him for his nice attitude during the interview. You can mention the course or subject you are planning to take up at the college, but details should be included in the second paragraph only.

In the second paragraph, write about how excited you are to give the interview. If your interviewer is tough, mention it with praise. If you the interview helped you calm down.

In the last paragraph, thank the recipient of the email once again. You can mention that you are looking forward to joining the college as soon as classes begin.

Close the email by using closing salutation like Regards, Sincerely or Thanking You.


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    Sample Thank You College Interview Email

    Respected Mr. Stephen Butler,

    I am writing this email to thank you for giving me an interview opportunity at your college. I must say that the interview was better than my expectations as you helped me calm down and express my ambitions and plans with confidence.

    I have enrolled in Bachelor’s program at Chemistry department. Due to the complexity of the course and subject, I was a bit nervous at first; but you were kind enough to help me regain my confidence and express my plans without any difficulty.

    I will express my gratitude once again and am hoping to join the college as soon as the classes start.

    Thanking you,

    Jim Scott

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    Template of Thank You College Interview Email

    Dear Sir/ name,

    I am writing this email to thank you for the recent interview opportunity. I did not realize that this interview would turn into a friendly conversation and I sincerely believe that I did better than my expectations.

    If selected, I will be joining a bachelor’s program at arts faculty. It was great talking to you as I learned of different challenges that may confront me initially during the course. All the teaching staff and faculty members were good and they assisted me in getting my application form submitted.

    I am looking forward to starting my classes next month.

    Thanking you,

    [Sender's name]

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