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No matter if you are a successful professional, a novice businessman or just a student, it is very important to expand your network to raise your chances of success. However, it does not mean that you send friend request to every person; rather, there are some per-defined manners for a network request.

The best way is to send a well-written email in which you will request the other party to spare some time and allow you to come close. Writing an effective and moving email can be tough but you can do it by following some simple tips.

Though, it is obvious but you should ensure that you are putting the right email address otherwise you will be knocking at wrong door. As you are making contact for the first time so you cannot address the other person frankly. Make sure you are starting your email with an appropriate salutation.

Moreover, you should not waste your reader’s time and tell the whole story in minimum words in the opening paragraph.

Use the second paragraph of your email to explain why you have extended a hand of friendship. Make the other person believe that it is very important for you to have him in the friends list, but avoid being too formal.

Make networking request one more time and then conclude your email with an appropriate greeting. Do not forget to mention your name in the end.


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    Sample of Networking Request Email


    Subject: Networking Request

    Respected sir,

    I am sending this email to request you for the expansion of communication between us. We met before at a conference regarding cosmology in University of South Hall and I was really impressed by your knowledge.

    Your lecture gave birth to many questions in my mind but I could not ask you much details due to shortage of time. I kept on thinking on those directions even after coming back and am unable to figure out few things. This forced me to contact you and request  for some spare time.

    I will talk to your assistant regarding a meeting and I hope you will spare some time for a student like me.

    Hoping for an affirmative response.


    Henry Shaw.

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    Template of Networking Request Email

    To: [email address of the recipient]

    Subject: Networking Request

    Dear [name of the recipient],

    I am writing this mail to request my inclusion in your friends list. Though, we have not interacted before but I believe this would be really beneficial for me as [give the reason why you want to expand the communication].

    I am hugely impressed by your intellect especially [mention some special work to strengthen your point].

    I hope you will be able to spare some moments from your precious time and give me an affirmative response.

    Thanking in anticipation.


    [Your Name]

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