The Dubai Metro Automated Rail Network Overview

Presence of Metro in Dubai is a proof that Dubai is rapidly increasing at the top position, as the fastest growing developed city. The driver less metros in Dubai is a latest technology in the field of public transportation, which has made travelling from one place to another easy and convenient. The network is completely automatic and trouble free to use.

The stations along with the trains are completely air conditioned, so that people can travel from one place to another comfortably and with relive. The most astonishing fact is that the fare rates of this automatic travel service matches the bus fares of Dubai for equal distance.


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    Timings of Dubai Metro:

    Form Saturday till Monday Dubai metro remains active between 5:50 am and 00:00, whereas on Thursday the opening time is same as on Sunday and Monday but it closes at 1:00 am. on Friday the metro starts its journey at 1:00 pm and ends at 1:00 am

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    Fare Rates Dubai Metro

    The fare rates of this amazing public transport are reasonable and people from any class can afford travelling on it. The fare ranges between Dh. 1.80 and Dh 6.50. The price of the ticket depends upon the distance you are expecting to cover.

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    Free Entry in Dubai Metro

    Kids below the age of five and 90 centimeters tall can travel free of cost. Also, this amazing automatic driverless metro service offers discount rates for students, seniors and handicapped travelers.

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    Economical travelling in the Dubai Metro

    If your level of travelling is high then you can get passes and avail economical travelling service. Various passes are available few are daily passes and few are monthly passes, by keeping in mind your level of travelling you can avail any pass. The daily pass costs Dh. 14, whereas monthly passes’ price varies; Dh 270, Dh. 180, Dh. 100.

    Note: The traveler is responsible for buying the ticket, incase he/she fail to remember to buy the ticket or loses it, then they will be charged with fine.

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