Explore Charity Shops in Dubai

Dubai is considered among the most expensive cities on the globe; whether you are looking it from living point of view or shopping the cost is unbearable. Despite the fact its luxurious and costly life there are stores present within the capital of UAE that are responsible for selling charitable goods at reasonable price range. However the number of shops is quite a lot, but the most reliable ones are few.

Every person wishes to dress up in the finest manner, use the best items, but not everyone is auspicious enough. Nevertheless the availability of charitable shops has helped those people who have a strict budget; now they can pay a visit at these shops and buy some really astonishing items.

You just have to make sure the products you are picking are not of a very low quality and it will benefit you in the long run. In urge to buy your favorite item do not put money into the drain.

Some of the most famous and visited charity shops in Dubai are cited below:


  • 1

    Holy Trinity Thrift Store, Dubai

    This secondary market is considered as the most visited place in Dubai. You can easily locate huge range of tangible goods, just name it and the staff will help you in finding it.

    Selling good quality products have helped the store in gaining a good reputation. You will find variety of second hand goods but in useable condition, besides that the clothes available at the store are not used. If you are looking forwards to sell any item that is worth being resold then Holy Trinity Thrift Store can be better option to contact.

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    Smiles N’ Stuff, Dubai

    Smiles N’ Stuff is very much unique form rest of the charity shops in Dubai, because they focus on selling hand made goods that are prepared by student and teenagers.

    Money making is not their actual aim; in fact they focus more on helping students to gain interest in social activities and business. The management of Smiles N’ Stuff teaches students how to react towards critical business situation and interact with people involved with you in the business.

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