Top 10 Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is an integral part of many religions including Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. During a fast, an individual does not eat or drink anything for a specific period of time, sacrificing his or her inner desires for the sake of God. Fasting in extreme weather can be quite testing for any person, but apart from pleasing God, an individual attains a number of benefits through this exercise, which have been proven by modern science. The benefits of fasting for certain durations have a great effect on our body as well as mind.


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    Fasting helps an individual to be more patient because he/she has to resist eating and drinking for a period of time. If you have patience in yourself, you can surely meet the challenges of life in a more efficient manner.

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    Fasting is an exercise, which strengthens your faith and helps you improve your connection with God. Faith is considered by many scholars and philosophers as one of the greatest strengths one can have.

  • 3

    Reduces weight

    There are millions of people in this world who are struggling with weight issues. Fasting can help you a great deal in reducing your weight and burning fats.

  • 4

    Resets the digestive system

    By not eating for a about 12 hours every day for a month, you can reset your digestive system, which takes a lot of pounding throughout the year.

  • 5

    Decreases addiction

    We all become addicted to certain foods or eating or drinking at specific times of the day. By fasting, you can learn to control yourself and your inner desires.

  • 6

    Slows Aging

    By fasting for more than 12 to 24 hours, you can increase your Human Growth Hormone levels, helping you look younger.

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    Fasting regularly every day for about a month is great for health and fitness. This is the reason why, many athletes tend to fast every year to increase their level of fitness.

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    Skin is one of the most important and attractive organs of the human body, and fasting greatly benefits it.

  • 9

    Increases vitality

    Modern researchers have proved that by fasting, you can increase your vitality and be more active.

  • 10

    Fasting as a healing agent

    While fasting, your body undergoes a process of burning dead cells and damaged tissues. Hence, this wonderful exercise can actually help you heal certain injuries and recover from health issues.

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