Top 10 Best Technology Companies in the World

We hear news about companies like Apple, Microsoft or Samsung in our daily routine. But what are the major private companies that define the face of our world. Comparative analysis from a variety of sources such as “Forbes List of the largest private companies in America” and “Silicon Valley Business Journal” allows you to answer this question.

The companies are deemed successful around the globe given their resources, assets, turnout, market capitalization, profit margin, financial position, production and share value in the market or the respective stock index.


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    Apple is still the most valuable technology company for second consecutive year. The company sold 58.1 million iPads in 2012.

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    Samsung wins a place in the top 25 in large part to the 87 percent increase in earnings. The company sold 213 million smartphones in 2012.

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    Microsoft is the biggest (profit for the year 2008 - 17.7 billion or revenue of $ 60.4 billion) multinational company producing software for all kinds of computers - personal computers, game consoles, PDAs, mobile phones and other things. The company develops one of the most widely used software platform at present in the world - Windows.

    A division of the company also produces some accessories for personal computers (keyboard, mouse, etc.).Microsoft products are sold in more than 80 countries.

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    General Electric:

    General Electric's net income is around $ 17.4 billion. It is an American Engineering Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of many types of equipment. Headquarter of the company is located at Connecticut (USA).

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    Worldwide technology:

    Worldwide technology is a technical consultant who helps companies deploy and implement large-scale technical systems. It has 1,800 jobs and has been named one of the 100 best companies to work for, thanks to the generous shares in return for their employees.

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    SHI International:

    SHI International is a trading online platform where companies can buy appliances such as computers, printers, servers, and so on. It also provides consulting services and cloud computing.

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    Infor quietly become a giant company for the sale of software, with sales of nearly three billion dollars and approximate market capitalization of 16.1 billion dollars.

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    Zones is a value added reseller. The company sells computers, software, and equipment for the business and then helps to establish and maintain it. It also specializes in complex systems such as networking and virtualization technologies, Cisco.

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    SoftLayer is one of the largest private providers of cloud computing and web hosting.

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    Intelligent Software Solutions:

    Intelligent Software Solutions provides software solutions for processing large data sets and quite popular among government agencies.

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