Top 10 Dangerous Affects of Mobiles on Health

Technology has brought plenty of comfort to mankind. It has made several things possible. But this age of technology and machines is not all about benefits. The use of mobile phones has grown significantly over the years, and nobody knows how severe side effects this technology has.

Mobile is indeed very useful. It has made communication extremely easy. But the excessive use of this technology has secluded the person from the entire world. You have seen teenagers engaged in text chatting even during the dinner time. Besides this, it has so many dangerous affect on the human health.


  • 1

    Brain Cancer

    Mobiles emit radiation. Also known as electromagnetic radiations, these rays are very dangerous for the human brain - these radiations affect the cells and tissues of the brain and an individual could catch brain cancer.

    Brain cancer
  • 2


    According to the studies, a long phone call could heats up the ear. And eventually, the overall body temperature increases. The mobile radio frequency radiations have a ‘thermal’ effect.

    Sick man taking temperature with digital thermometer
  • 3

    Road Accidents

    There is a long list of road accident caused to due to the use of mobile while driving. Mobile has become an important part of everybody’s life, and despite very strict traffic rules,  people don’t hesitate to receive a phone during the ride.

    Frustrated businessman standing next to car wrecked on guardrail
  • 4

    Mouth Cancer

    The cellular companies have reduced call rates significantly over the past few years. Therefore, the mobile users don’t hesitate to make long calls. The recent research has proved that those who use mobile phone for hours have higher chances of catching mouth cancer than those who don’t use it at all.

    Thinking of mouth cancer
  • 5

    Loss of Focus

    Mobile phone is certainly a huge distraction.  The studying teenagers especially lose the entire focus due to the use of cell phones. You may have seen a kid looking at his/her phone time and again during the studies.

    Young woman with notebook laying head on table (focus on face)
  • 6

    Brain Tumour

    The radiations emitted from mobile phone not only cause brain cancer, but also tumour. They don’t affect the brain overnight, but have very slow side effects. The rays actually damage the brain cells and tissues.

    Human brain anatomy
  • 7


    Insomnia is another problem that has widely been seen among the mobile users. The experts suggest that a mobile chat before bed time should be avoided to have sound sleep.

    Couple sleeping at opposite ends of the bed, overhead view
  • 8

    Waste of Time

    It has been observed that most of the people make phone call just for chit-chat. It is certainly a waste of time. If you talk on phone only for an hour each day, it makes 365 hours per year. This time can be utilised for better purposes.

     Clock in the trash
  • 9


    Whether you are a student or employee, the excessive use of mobile phone will surely make you lazy one day or another. Ordering a pizza through phone call instead of preparing one at home is a classic example of laziness.

    Young businessman relaxing on sofa
  • 10

    Less Human Interaction

    The person-to-person interaction has decreased dramatically due to the mobile service. The people just make a phone call to inquire about one’s heath, instead of paying a visit to his/her home.

    Over and Beyond

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