What are the Merits and Demerits Of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes has changed the way people perceived cigarettes. These smoke free, battery operated cigarettes allow the consumer to fulfil his/her nicotine requirement, but reduces many dangers associated with smoking conventional tobacco based cigarettes.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarettes are detailed below.


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    Advantages of e-cigarettes

    - Healthier option

    This is by far the biggest and most marketable benefit of e-cigarettes. When a person smokes a e-cigarette, he/she only inhales nicotine in the form of vapours , and is saved from carcinogenic substances, tar, arsenic etc which are produced when tobacco burns in the conventional cigarettes. These cigarettes come in many flavours, including tobacco, and its consumption does not result in darker lips, yellow teeth and yellowish finger nails.

    - No environmental side effects

    Another major benefit of electronic cigarettes is that the only emission they make is in the form of water vapours. There is no smoke, odour, or any other harmful residue. This is the very reason why smoking electronic cigarettes is not banned in public places. Another benefit of the environment friendly emissions is that other people are under no danger of passive smoking, which can take significant toll on health.

    - Safer alternative

    Electronic cigarettes do not need to be flamed up. The sensation of flame is produced by a red light at the tip of the cigarette. No matches and lighters are required, and thus the chances of an accidental fire are reduced.

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    Disadvantages of e-cigarettes

    While there are many apparent benefit of using e-cigarettes, there have been many doubts cast o the contents of the vapourized output that they produce. For this very reason, regulatory authorities in many countries have termed it as dangerous. Some of the most significant drawbacks of electronic cigarettes are;

    - Difficulty in Inhalation

    Electronic cigarettes work on the principle of evaporating an aerosol mixture to produce vaporized contents. The one major drawback in its design is that after a few puffs, the density of the aerosol in the foam drops and subsequently, the consumer has to suck harder to draw out appropriate amount of nicotine. Such continuous practise can result in lung damage.

    - Ingredients used

    While most of the e-cigarette brands use safe contents in their aerosol solution, there are some which use questionable ingredient, which can cause harm to the respiratory system, and hands/eyes in case the cigarette breaks. The users thus have to make a very informed choice.

    There is also a huge debate going on as to whether nicotine in its vapourized form is safe or not.

    - Access to Children

    Smoking is prohibited for people under the age of 18 universally, but with no tobacco being used in the electronic cigarettes, they don’t fall under the tobacco act. This means that children under the age of 18 can consume these cigarettes. This may encourage them to attain the actual experience, making them more prone to smoking. In most of the developed countries, regulations have been recently placed barring the use of electronic cigarettes by under age users.

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