Top 10 Deadliest African Animals

Whenever we talk about Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is the abundant wildlife there.

There are numerous animals in that part of the world and some of them are really beautiful. However, there are a lot of African animals, which are deadly and you can get killed, if they get angry. So, you should always check a list of dangerous animals, whenever you are planning a visit to the African continent.


  • 1

    Cape buffalo

    Although the Cape buffalo is not an aggressive animal, but one should never make it angry. It is one of the toughest animals in Africa and weighs up to 910 kilograms. Moreover, it can reach a height of 1.7 metres whereas its length can reach up to 3.4 metres at max.

  • 2

    Puff adder

    Although all forms of snakes are dangerous, yet there are some which are extremely deadly and can kill you instantly. One of these snakes is the puff adder, which has got sharp reflexes and aggressive nature.

  • 3

    Black mamba

    Another deadly snake found in Africa is the black mamba. It produces lethal venom and can kill any creature with a single bite. Moreover, this snake travels faster than a normal human being, which means that you won’t be lucky, if it is chasing you.

  • 4

    Great white shark

    Whenever you travel to Africa, make sure that you are aware of the great white shark, which swims faster than a human being and can kill instantly. However, these sharks don’t attack humans until they feel threatened.

  • 5

    Nile crocodile

    The Nile crocodiles can eat anything, including human beings. They are quite brave and can attack anyone.

  • 6

    African elephant

    Size does matter, especially when you talk about the African elephants. They are the largest in the world and can attack you, if they feel any threat.

  • 7


    Yes they are small in size, but mosquitoes are a cause of a lot of deaths in Africa. They spread various diseases, so it is better to stay safe from them.

  • 8


    One can never keep the king of the jungle out of this list. Male lions don’t hunt, so you should watch out for the female lions.

  • 9


    You might be surprises, but hippos kill quite a huge number of human beings in Africa every year. Despite being herbivores, they have got sharp teeth and can cut a crocodile into half.

  • 10


    Unfortunately, the deadliest being in Africa and all over the world is humans, as they kill more than any other thing on this planet.

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