Best Friends Animal Shelter is a Cut Above Most Homes for Unwanted Pets

Have you heard of the Best Friends animal shelter? Best Friends is a not-for-profit group that takes in unwanted and abused pets of all kinds, creating a safe, happy place for them to be.

Best Friends operates on a no-kill policy. It is the nation’s largest animal sanctuary, providing adoption, spay and neuter services, and educational resources as well. They work with other animal shelters and rescue groups nationwide to bring about a time when there will be no more homeless pets. Their hope is that, within the next ten years, they can provide the necessary support to allow people and groups across the country to help build no-kill animal shelters in their communities. They do this by hosting conferences, workshops, and adoption events through the year, and by teaching others the principles needed to start spay/neuter programs and to gather teams of pet-loving volunteers.

Best Friends animal shelter is set in the semi-circle of the white cliffs of Zion Nation Park. It’s a perfect place for dogs and cats to find refuge, peace, and room to roam. In the pastures of Angel Canyon, horses and burros graze contentedly. In this peaceful setting, thousand of pets of all kinds which have seen hard times are given a second chance at a good life. Known as the Sanctuary, there are never fewer than 1,500 animals at any one time.

Upon arriving at Best Friends animal shelter, pets that have not yet been spayed or neutered are scheduled for this procedure, as well as a general check-up, necessary shots and vitamins. All pet residents of Best Friends animal shelter are on a regimen of good healthy food, and plenty of tender loving care. With a little luck, pets are adopted out to loving homes. But if not, they have permanent homes at the Sanctuary.

With all that, it should come as no surprise that Best Friends animal shelter is always in search of donations of time and money.

If you love pets you’d like to find out about volunteer opportunities with Best Friends animal shelter, e-mail them at or phone 435-644-2001, ext.119. For a donation of $25 or more you can get a complimentary subscription to Best Friends Magazine by logging onto: or calling (435) 644-200. This is a wonderful magazine that provides helpful information and amusing stories to pet owners.

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