Top 10 Embarrassing Facebook Status

Facebook is the largest social networking website on the Internet at the moment, connecting millions, if not billions, of people with each other across the globe. Thanks to smartphones and the cell-phone version of Facebook, people can stay connected with their friends on the go. Spending more time on the social networking website and even tempting others to give the website a try have resulted in some really embarrassing situations for some Facebook users.


  • 1

    “Ryan, your mother is very sorry that she walked in on you while you were “taking care of business”, but she wants me to remind you to finish in toilet paper and not dirty clothes. Rosa complained again and we don’t have time to look for a new maid.”
    Parents may love us, but at times, it seems as if they are trying to murder us by embarrassing us to an extent where we find it hard to breathe. This poor guy was doing what guys normally do to relieve sexual tension, when his mother walked in on him. He should have expected this to happen if he forgot to lock the door. The embarrassment of being caught by the mom would have been enough to make him dig a deep hole inside the ground and spend the rest of his life there, when his dad went for the overkill and gave him a nice little lecture right on Facebook, using his Facebook status box as a space to have a nice father and son talk. The guy must have relocated to another continent, changed his name and spent the next few years meeting a psychiatrist to get over the trauma.

  • 2

    “free porn websites bbw”
    Mistaking Facebook status field for Google search widget is a common mistake made by thousands around the world. However, the mistake is taken to a whole new level when a person ends up sharing his private and perverted thoughts and desires with their entire social group. The person who accidently entered this text as Facebook status would sure have had a tough explaining his social network, especially his female friends, about his sexual attraction to big beautiful women.

  • 3

    “Erection dysfunction white male 21 years old”
    This poor guy ended up mixing the Google search widget with Facebook status field. One thing is for certain, this guy would have surely lost all hope of dating the girls in his university or workplace after he made the blunder and his Facebook friends got a look at it – the status of course.

  • 4

    “miranda cosgrove naked”
    Getting a little naughty on the Internet is natural, but when you confuse your Facebook status box with Google search engine, you should prepare yourself for the embarrassment of a life time.

  • 5

    “How to know if a girl likes me”
    The guy ended up confusing Google search widget with Facebook status field on his cell-phone, a blunder that seem to have become a norm ever since Facebook made its way to smartphones. After putting up the embarrassing question as status, the guy tried to delete it, but with no success, as the cell-phone version of Facebook did not allow him to.

  • 6

    “Why is my poop green”
    So we all have problems, not a big deal. God has blessed the Internet users with Google search engine, our best friend when we need a good advice or need to understand something weird that we have just seen or experienced. Therefore, Google is precisely the website where a person would go when they look down in the toilet and see green poop. However, if the entry “why is my poop green” is accidently entered in the Facebook status window instead of Google search widget while using a smartphone, the only thing a person can do is delete their Facebook account, leave town and change their name. It is not known how the sorry soul who ended up making this blunder coped with the consequences of this embarrassing Facebook status update.

  • 7

    So you log on to Facebook and stalk people in your friends list on daily basis. It is no big deal, since a lot of Facebook users do this. However, they are careful enough to be sneaky and not end up writing the name of the person they are trying to stalk as Facebook status, allowing the person they are trying to stalk become aware of their intention. The embarrassment and awkwardness experienced by the person making this blunder would surely have been strong and immense.

  • 8

    “Pete…I’m in the upstairs loo and there’s no toilet roll left…will you bring some up please or BLOODY PICK UP YOUR PHONE!!”
    It is not uncommon to find a distressed family member of partner sending up a text or even private message on Facebook while stuck in the loo because of some reason. However, what this Pete guy had not been anticipating was the fact that his partner, friend or family member would end up putting the whole thing as status. Do not worry people. Pete did rush upstairs with the tissue roll. Let us just hope that he did not strangle his partner/friend/family member with it.

  • 9

    “Where to buy chicken casserole supplies”
    A son found out that his father had set this as his status. Being a concerned son, he notified his father that he had confused Facebook status field with Google search field. Unfortunately, his father was not the most Facebook-savvy person around and ended up writing the same text in the comments section. The son corrected his dad again, this time a bit exasperated, but to no avail. After repeated attempts of explaining to his father of the blunder that he was constantly making, the son eventually decided to give up, entered the text in Google search engine, sought the result and pasted it right where his dad had entered the text on Facebook. It is not known if his dad continued to use Facebook for different queries, or if he finally learnt to open and use Google search engine.

  • 10

    “love isn’t easy. NOT a good day. I need a drink.”
    Little did the guy know that his day was about to get worse, as the first two girls to come across this status and comment on it was her ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend was sullen over the fact that he had already started another relationship, while his current girlfriend took a hit at his ex-girlfriend by stating that she was jealous just because the guy was going out with her instead. This provoked the former girlfriend into saying that breaking up with a 26-year-old with no job and a stupid goatee was not a big loss. The guy and his entire Facebook social network read all these messages of course. Wonder where his self-esteem went after going through these comments.

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