Top 10 Fun Games Kids Play

Kids love to play games as their world revolves around it. They are waiting for break time in school and for play time when they are home.  If you are an adult, you still love playing games even though there is less time for you to play. You would love to travel back in time to play those silly games. Remember that kids who study along with playing outdoor games have better physical and mental development. Thus playing fun outdoor games is much healthier for your mind and soul in contrast with studies.


  • 1

    Hide and Seek

    This game is one of the most common games played by every kid around the world. Children love hiding and finding their friends and sometimes even their siblings and parents. This is a simple and easy game which includes a home base where the kid who is seeking others has to count 10, 50 or 100. During this time, rest of the kids hides in different location. After counting, that kid leaves the base and searches his friends.

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  • 2

    Dodge ball

    Dodge ball is a thrilling game in which you need to dodge the ball coming towards you. However, you require a certain number of children or people to play this game. Few kids form a circle and are handed a ball. The remaining kids enter the circle and they are required to dodge the ball. If they got hit, they are out.

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  • 3

    Colour, colour which colour

    Small kids love playing this game. This is because they recently learn about colours and would love to distinguish them. One person announces the name of a colour and the kids need to find that colour.

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  • 4

    Passing the parcel

    This game is mostly played in birthday and other parties. A cushion or any other object is rotated among kids sitting in a circle. When the music turns off, the child holding the parcel is penalised and out from the game.

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  • 5


    In this game a child chase other kids. When he/she taps another person, that person will also chase other players. This eventually forms a chain as all the people who are part of it holds each other hands.

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  • 6

    Musical Chair

    This is one of the most common birthday party games just like passing the pass. Be it kids or adults, they all love to play this game. There are fixed amount of chairs present in a circle or a line. In addition to this, an additional person is present among the players. All players rotate around the chairs until the music is turned off. The player left without a chair is out from the game along with a chair.

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  • 7

    Lock and key

    Lock and key is an interesting game where the person who becomes it runs after other players. When he touches anyone, that person freezes into his place. Remember that the person who freezes can run away if another player taps him. It has to lock all the players and the person who freezes first becomes the ‘it.’

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  • 8

    The dog and the bone

    This game involves dodging another person while chasing an object. This object is referred as bone and is placed in the center. A player comes in the center from each team. The player who dodges the object and takes it back to his team wins.

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  • 9

    Scavenger hunt

    You need to make a list of things and give it to your child. Hide those things in a room or in your lawn and let your child find them. You can hide toy cars, stuffed animals and even some piece of clothes.

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  • 10


    Tag is the easiest game your child can play. There is a base which is the safe zone. The child who is ‘it’ runs after other players. If you get tagged, you become ‘it.’

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