Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World

Although there are some very good film industries across the globe, none produces better work than Hollywood, and that is the industry where major money lies. Hollywood movies are released and watched all across the globe, and have developed a huge following over the years. Hollywood attracts actors and actresses from all over the world and produces films in every genre.

Critics, normally don’t rate a movie because of its earnings, but one cannot rule out the importance of a film that heads the list of highest earnings.


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    10. Pirates of the Caribbean- Stranger Tides

    This movie is number 10 in the list, as it had a gross total of $1,043,871,802. It was the fourth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and was admired worldwide for acting and some wonderful visuals.

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    9. Toy Story 3

    Number nine in the list is Toy Story 3, which earned $1,063,171,911 worldwide. It was an animated flick and became the first ever of its type to collect more than one billion dollars across the globe.

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    8. Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man’s Chest

    This was the second part of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and collected a total of $1,066,179,725 all over the world. This puts the action and adventure flick at number eight in this list.

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    7. The Dark Knight Rises

    Batman was never the same once Christopher Nolan decided to direct 'The Dark Knight' series. Christian Bale has played the lead role in this action flick and the latest movie of this series, which was released in 2012, grossed $1,081,041,287 to take number seven in this list.

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    6. The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

    Released in 2003, this movie earned a total of $1,119,929,521 worldwide to secure number six in the highest earning movies list.

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    5. Transformers - Dark of the Moon

    This science fiction and action flick managed to earn $1,123,746,996 all over the world. The visual effects were simply amazing and so were the action sequences.  The Michael Bay directed flick is number five in the list.

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    4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

    There is hardly anyone, who doesn’t like the Harry Potter series, which has entertained billions of people worldwide. The only 3D movie of the series was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, which earned $1,328,111,219.

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    3. The Avengers

    The American superhero movie collected $1,511,757,910 because of some terrific fighting sequences. It is number three in this list.

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    2. Titanic

    One of the best romantic flicks of all time, Titanic, managed to gross $2,185,372,302 to secure number two in this list. It was directed by James Cameron.

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    1. Avatar

    Another James Cameron movie, which was loved by people of all age groups, was Avatar. It did an overall business of $2,782,275,172, which comfortably places the movie at number one in this list.

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