Top 10 Highest Paying Technical Degrees

Hundreds of thousands of students pass out from colleges and universities every year to start their professional lives. Few take off in the perfect manner, whereas others just keep searching for the dream job. While your professional career will depend on a lot of factors, including your country’s economy and job market, you can do all that is in your hands by planning your education and obtaining qualifications which pay well and are in demand.


  • 1

    Software Engineering:

    There is no doubt in the fact that the IT industry is one of the most progressive in the world. A person with a degree in computer programming, software or application development can never remain an unproductive person. The average starting salary (annual) of a software engineer is $57,000.

  • 2

    Industrial Engineering:

    Industrial engineers play a vital role in the growth and refinement of the industrial process. Moreover, they devise the guidelines to make every venture successful. With an average salary of $58,000 this technical degree is also one of the highest paying in the world.

  • 3

    Mechanical Engineering:

    Industrialisation has increased the importance of machines in our life. As a result of this, the demand of mechanical engineers has also increased because they not only design but also operate and maintain heavy machinery. This degree can get you a job of  around $58,500.

  • 4

    Material Science:

    This degree teaches students how to make suitable and secure packing for products. The average starting salary of $59,400 makes it one of the more lucrative degrees.

  • 5

    Aerospace Engineering:

    The best thing about this degree is that very few people go for this field. The demand and supply factor plays its part here and an aerospace engineer can make over $60,000 in the beginning of the career.

  • 6

    Electrical Engineering:

    Today, no one can survive without electricity and this constant demand of electricity in every walk of life provides electrical engineers the chance to make the best out of their studies. They can earn around $60,800 in the beginning.

  • 7

    Computer Engineering:

    Sometimes people confuse computer engineering with software engineering. However, computer engineering is a vast and entirely different field which gives fresh graduates an opportunity to make $61,500 in the start of their career.

  • 8

    Nuclear Engineering:

    There is a constant hike in the demand of nuclear engineers as nuclear energy is increasingly being used in the making of destructive weapons, electricity, medical procedures etc. A nuclear engineer can take off with $63,900 annually.

  • 9

    Chemical Engineering:

    One of the main reasons for this being one of the highest paying degrees is that very few students choose this field and ultimately the shortage of professionals means the existing ones can make more. Chemical engineers can start with around $65,000 a year.

  • 10

    Petroleum Engineering:

    One can easily understand the reason behind this degree’s value. Now, when the whole world is after “Black Gold”, petroleum engineers are flying high. The average starting salary of $93,000 makes this degree the highest paying degree of the world.

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