Top 10 Interesting Facts About Lord Shiva

Shiva is a Hindu god and is the supreme from all of their deities. Hindus believe that he is the creator and destroyer of the world. He is considered to have lived in Mount Kailash, a peak in the Himalaya Mountains. He is the father of Ganesha and Kartikeya, and the husband of Parvati. Moreover, he is also the most popular gods in all of India and Hindus. He is said to have an elephant head and is worshipped extraneously because he is the remover of problems. He is said to have a fierce rage. On the other hand, he is thought to be the creator and practitioner of Yoga.


  • 1

    Father of Ganesha

    Shiva is the father of Ganesha. Ganesha is also one of the most celebrated deities of Hindus. If you are Indian you must have heard about him or prayed to him at sometime.

  • 2

    The creator of the world

    Hindus claim that Shiva created life. In his meditation pose, he is thought to be creating the world with an hourglass by his side.

  • 3

    The protector

    Shiva who is considered lord of all Hindu gods, is also said to be protector of all. He is to be the supreme of all the other gods and is above them as he takes care of everyone.

  • 4

    The destructor

    He is also the destroyer as well as being the creator in Hindu religion. Hindus believe that fire will end the world, and he has the tongue of flame which depicts destruction.

  • 5


    He is also portrayed as the Hindu god of dance. Nata means dance and raja means king. He is normally posed in the Nataraja stance in most pictures.

  • 6

    The third eye

    He is thought to have destroyed Kama, the god of desire with the assistance of his third eye. Due to this, he is said to have more vision and knowledge than the two eyed gods.

  • 7

    The poison incident

    He was said to be poisoned and Parvati saved his life by strangling his neck.

  • 8


    He is also linked with animals like bulls, serpents and deer. Nandi is a bull that is the pet of Shiva. Moreover, it is also the vessel of the god.

  • 9


    One of his avatar include that of being Hanuman. His other name is Rudra.

  • 10

    Half man half woman

    Shiva is portrayed as both man and woman. The female side is known as Shakti, Uma or Sati.

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