How to Fast for a Religious Occasion

Fasting is a religious activity in which you have to abstain from eating and drinking for a specific time period. Apart from eating and drinking, you also need to stay away from bad things. Muslims have Ramadan, Christians have Lent whereas Jews have Yom Kippur as their fasting rituals.

The fast should not only consist of not eating and drinking, you should also practice religion throughout the course of your fasting. Pray to the Almighty for seeking forgiveness and ask for the betterment for yourself and your loved ones. You will get a lot of satisfaction.


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    First of all, you need to prepare for the fast. Try to eat a healthy meal before you start your fast. Having nothing to eat and staying hungry for hours can affect your health in a big way so it is extremely important to have a decent snack.

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    Set the time

    If you are keeping the fast which is set by your religion, there will certainly be a time limit. However, if you are keeping the fast for a specific act it is important that you set a time for it. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset which is a good 12-15 hours. Your fast should also be for approximately the same time period otherwise it will be of no use.

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    Practice religion

    It is extremely important that you practice your religion and spirituality during the fast. You must abstain from all bad activities and try to pray for as long as you can. Give yourself time to read the Holy Quran if you are a Muslim, Holy Bible if you are a Christian and Torah if you are a Jew.

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    End the fast by praying

    The fast should not end abruptly and you should not just start eating. Have some patience and pray for whatever purpose you had kept the fast. Pray for yourself and your loved ones and ask for forgiveness from the Almighty. After you have done that, start to eat slowly.

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