How to Pray Successfully

Prayer is an appeal to God or a saint with gratitude and praise, asking to keep evil away or bestow mercy. This is an important part of worship and religious life of the believer. Mental or verbal prayer unites human beings with God.

You should carefully select the wordings of your prayer because these are of great importance and usually have a sanctifying effect as they come directly from the depths your heart or soul.

Worshippers go to the temples, churches, cathedrals and mosques to pray for the salvation of their soul and happiness. However, very few people know how to pray successfully. You should understand some important things before praying.


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    To prepare for prayer, the believer must find inner peace. One needs to pacify the restless thoughts and try to forget about everyday troubles. You should observe complete silence before praying. If you cannot say the prayer out loud, you can always whisper because it is believed that God listens to his creation even if they don’t speak.

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    Before reciting the prayer, make sure that your clothing is in order and your face, hands and other body parts are clean. You should not pray when you are in a hurry as it will be of little use in front of the creator. This is one of the main reasons why different religions have allocated time frames for prayers.

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    Physical fatigue, tiredness and sickness may hinder you to complete your prayers successfully. So thoughtfully define the time for prayer, depending on the assessment of your mental and physical strength.

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    Just reading the prayer from books and bowing does not necessary fulfil the true meaning of worship. The main thing is that the heart should be filled with love for the creator.

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    The order of thoughts in your prayer should be to first thank God for his blessings, then a sincere confession of sins and finally with great humility, ask the Lord for spiritual or physical needs.

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    Thank God everyday especially after waking up in the morning and ask for His blessing for the coming days. Thank Him for giving you another day to do something more meaningful. During the prayer, you should remember that you are communicating with God, and He is monitoring your every move.

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    During the day, make a request for assistance and success as you show gratitude for the help He has given you.

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