Top 10 Jobs for Senior Citizens

Many seniors (people past retirement age) do not like being idle when their careers are over and would rather continue to work for a couple more years.

Others may have failed to save adequately or lost out on their savings due to poor investment choices and may need to find work to sustain themselves. Whichever the case may be, there are a number of job options available to senior citizens.


  • 1


    Consultants are people who offer specialist advise in particular fields and will usually have had years of experience in that field to give them credibility. Regardless of your profession, by the time you reach your senior years you are likely to have acquired a vast amount of practical knowledge, dexterity and problem solving skills which you may be able to put to use to help people and organizations overcome certain challenges. If you feel you still have your analytical edge then go for it. 

    Senior Citizen works as consultant
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    Mediation is becoming a preferred route to conflict resolution in lieu of civil litigation. Fortunately mediation does not require a high amount of training so if you feel you have what it takes to help people or organizations settle their differences without going through lengthy and usually costly court battles then you may try working as a mediator.

    Senior Citizen as mediator
  • 3

    Music Teacher

    If you have an educational background in music or are skilled with an instrument then it is always possible to find work as a private music tutor or perhaps even get a job with a school. This is a low intensity job in which many seniors thrive.

    Senior Citizen as Music Teacher
  • 4


    If you have experience, qualifications and a love for writing then you can get a job as an independent editor or work for a company in print media or even for a business organization. Your experience counts here, and you can land this job if you have a solid grasp on written language.

    Senior Citizen working as Editor
  • 5

    Guidance Counselor

    Schools of all levels usually employ guidance counselors to help their students make informed choices. This is a viable option for seniors looking for work. Your years of experience and wisdom will be invaluable as students will be able to look up to you and trust your advice. You will need to have had a high level of education and possibly some licensing, depending on where you live.

    Senior Citizen working as Guidance Counselor
  • 6

    Career Coach

    You can get employment as a career coach, helping people organize their lives so that they can achieve their career objectives in practically any walk of life. Again, your advantage is that you may have acquired years of practical experience in building a career. If this is true for you and you have an affinity for helping people then a job as a career coach might be perfect for you. 

    Senior Citizen working as career coach
  • 7

    Tour Guide

    For seniors who have some familiarity with historical landmarks or tourist attractions, this could be the perfect job, especially if you love going out and around these places yourself. Even if you are no longer fond of traveling, you can write about these places for an online travel guide.  

    Senior Citizen working as Tour Guide
  • 8


    If you like reading and assisting other people then try looking for a job as a librarian. Typically this low intensity job is a favorite for senior citizens. Requirements are typically good organization skills, record keeping and a helpful personality.

    Senior Citizen working as Librarian
  • 9

    Sports Coach

    This is a great option for senior citizens who may have had some experience in sports, education wise or on the field. Coaching kids at sport academies and junior leagues might be a good idea for a start.

    Senior Citizen working as sports coach
  • 10

    Online Product Reviewer

    In the internet age, a job as a product reviewer could be profitable, particularly if you are able to build a reputation and people trust you. Senior citizens are usually successful at these jobs because people tend to trust them more easily.

    Senior Citizens working as Product Reviewers

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