Top 10 Luxury Fashion Brands

Who doesn’t love brands even if they are not affordable? We turn magazine pages and stare at the amazing pieces again and again. Watches, jewelry, clothes and shoes keep us hooked. We all want to wear these brands but they are too expensive. The young generation wants to dress up like celebrities and wear what the celebrities wear. Who wouldn’t want a Gucci watch? A channel bag? Or an Armani suit? The prices are 10 times the simple products available in the market and we so wish we could pay them. Even if we can’t afford them, what’s the harm in knowing who tops the list.


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    Armani is favorite among many celebrities. The brand sells numerous things with the apparel being their trademark. Besides this they have watches and fragrances. The brand has had many famous brand ambassadors: Ronaldo, Megan fox, Rihanna, Kareena kapoor.


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    Christian Dior

    It is one of the most prestigious brands of Paris. It is the ruler of all the brands. They have amazing collections of bags, shoes, clothes, watches, jewellry, cosmetics and perfumes. Natalie Portman is the ambassador for their makeup.

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    Everyone has heard this name. The brand mixes the Italian heritage with modern styles. They come up with amazing designs around the world. Their most popular item is their bags. Famous names like Blake lively and Robert Pattinson are their brand ambassadors.

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    The name became famous because of the Italian background. They offer an amazing range of perfumes, clothing and accessories. Famous names like Milano and Bipasha Basu have been their ambassadors. Their premier boutiques are in Italy, New York and Milano.

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    The French company started in 1909. The brand features an awesome collection of bags, watches, clothes, fragrances and lifestyle products. Blake lively has been one of its ambassadors.

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    Victoria’s secret

    Every woman knows the name. it basically deals in lingerie, swim suits and sleep wear. They have now diversified and added bags, shoes, perfumes and other beauty products. Miranda Ker is their famous model.

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    Calvin Klein

    It is one of the most diverse brands. You name it and they offer it. They have everything: clothes, watches, bags, deodorants, perfumes, home décor, cutlery, footwear, lingerie and so much more. Their watches are famous globally.

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    The brand is unbeatable. It is the favourite of many actresses and specially Angelina Jolie. It exhibits style with sophistication. The brand is a status symbol.

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    Dolce and Gabbana

    They are very famous for their leather products. Their handbags and shoes for both men and women are admired by all. The brand also offers: scarves, ties and perfumes. Scarlet Johansson has been their brand ambassador.

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    It is very famous among men. It is somewhat affordable as compared to other brands. It makes shoes, suits, colognes under different labels. The handsome Ryan Reynolds is their ambassador.

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