Top 10 Most Dangerous illnesses

Sometimes, you pick up illnesses and become sick without knowing the root cause. However, that does not mean you have to work yourself into a panic. You just have to find out the cause of the illness for some peace of mind. Getting sick is part of life but if you get seriously ill then it is best to visit a doctor. Many people often confuse the symptoms of a particular illness with those of another. You should educate yourself about the most dangerous illnesses so that you will know what to do if you happen to catch something.


  • 1

    Cerebral Aneurysms:

    Aneurysm is a protrusion of the blood vessel wall. It forms a sort of pouch behind the edge of the vessels and pushes them to the nearby tissues. The reason behind this illness is an underdeveloped or weak vessel wall.

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    Hepatitis C:

    It is an infectious disease of the liver that occurs because of a virus. People often contract this disease and end up in the hospital. However, others remain unaware of this disease until the last stage. Hepatitis C can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. Symptoms include skin manifestations, damage to the nervous system, blood vessels and others.

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  • 3

    Cervical Cancer:

    Dysplasia is a precancerous condition in which the cells are disrupted due to the structure of the surface layer of the cervix. The initial stages of cancer are usually found after a baseline medical examination.

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    It can take place without any pain (this is for those who suffer from diabetes or who have a high pain threshold). The symptoms may be very uncharacteristic with a high or rising temperature and weakness.

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  • 5


    This disease occurs due to the deposits of cholesterol plaques in the wall of blood vessels. By itself, atherosclerosis may not cause you weakness, shortness of breath or any pain but when the vessels are narrowed by more than 70%, you will feel a lot of discomfort which has to be treated immediately.

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  • 6

    Ovarian Cancer:

    It appears in women with endocrine disorders (diabetes, thyroid problems, obesity and hypertension).

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    This disease is responsible for increasing the number of deaths in the world. It led to the death of up to half a billion people in the 20th century.

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  • 8


    AIDS is one of the stages of HIV infection, which indicates the development of a variety of issues in the human body. To date, millions of people across the world have died due to this disease. Symptoms include pneumonia, formation of tumours and enlarged lymph nodes.

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  • 9


    Elephantiasis disease is popularly known as lymphedema. Patient becomes sick due to this disease and as a result, there is abnormal tissue growth, limbs swell to enormous size and you lose your previous form.

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  • 10

    Peptic Ulcer:

    A stomach ulcer is a chronic disease, prone to relapse. This disease is characterised by the formation of ulcers in the stomach mucosa. This is the most frequent lesion of the gastrointestinal tract. The causes may be genetic factors, especially the nervous system, intake of drugs and some bad dietary habits.

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