Top 10 Muscle Building Exercises

Building muscles is not an easy task; you have to perform numerous exercises and take care of your diet too. At the same time, you have to take care that you don’t pull your muscles or strain any of your body parts by performing wrong workouts. For example, some people hurt their backbone while lifting heavy weights and never manage to recover from it.

Nobody would like to be in such a situation, so it is better to do some research before starting the exercises, as that will allow you to gain positive results. There are some extremely good muscle building exercises, which will give you maximum output within a very few days.


  • 1


    This exercise helps you burn muscles in the lower parts of your body such as the hip, butt and legs.

    Bend down to lift the bar, with your feet straight and firm on the floor. Keep ur chin up so that the body posture remains correct. Now lift the bar, held in line with the shoulders and bring it near the chest level.

    This exercise requires a repeat it as many times as you can in order to gain better results.

  • 2

    Push ups

    One of the easiest exercises to learn, push ups can be performed anywhere. Put your hands flat on any surface and then bend your chest forward. Once you are close to the floor, lift your body weight backwards and repeat this exercise for as long as you can. Do the exercise in sets.

  • 3

    Chin ups

    In order to gain upper body strength, you have to perform the chin ups. Simply hold a bar with both hands and lift your body upwards. Your feet should not touch the ground and you have to continue this workout for at least 10-20 times.

  • 4


    This exercise requires no equipment. You simply have to bend down in a sitting position with your arms positioned straight. Repeat it as many times as possible to gain lower body strength.

  • 5

    Bench press

    Lie down on an exercise bench and lift weight over your chest in order to gain strength in your shoulders and triceps.

  • 6

    Hang clean and push press

    This exercise is performed by lifting weight from the ground above your head level.

  • 7

    Bent over press

    The bent over press has to be performed with your back bent slightly and lifting weight from the ground.

  • 8

    Military press

    This exercise is not performed by everyone these days, but helps in gaining upper body strength. Simply sit down on a bench and lift weight from the ground, first to chest level and then above your head.

  • 9

    Parallel bar dip

    Grab a parallel bar with both hands and lift your body weight in order to gain strength in your arms.

  • 10

    Good morning

    Put weight on your shoulders and move your hamstring muscles to perform the good morning exercise.

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