Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

From extravagant parties to simple meals with the family, alcohol runs free in the diet. Consuming a limited quantity of alcohol may not have any negative effects on your health. However, consuming it in large amount can cause your body a great deal of harm. It affects not just one part of the body specifically but many simultaneously. From liver to the brain, many body organs are affected which cause a lot of health problems in both the short and long term. One can count not one but more than ten negative ways the body responds to over consumption of alcohol.


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    Regular consumption of alcohol leads to an addiction. When alcohol is denied, an addict goes into depression and can suffer from symptoms like headaches and weakness.

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    Liver problems:

    Alcohol contributes to liver cirrhosis in which the cells of this important organ are scarred and damaged. A person suffering from liver cirrhosis cannot breathe properly and in severe cases this can lead to their death.

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    The pancreas is a vital organ that secrete digestive juices. Over consumption of alcohol can lead to pancreatitis, a state in which the pancreas swells and is not able to function properly. Therefore, the digestive system is disturbed and symptoms like vomiting and sweating can occur.

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    Drunk drivers are a major reason for road accidents. Since there is a loss of senses after over-consumption of alcohol, a driver is unable to remain alert and poses danger to his own and other lives on the road.

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    Public embarrassment:

    Even when you are not driving, a loss of your senses can lead you to inappropriate behaviour in public. This can even get you into arguments, fights and confrontations. Even when you are not physically hurt, you definitely are on the social front.

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    Drinking large quantities of alcohol can lead to a horrible hangover in the morning. Severe headache, nausea, stomach pain and vomit are some of the most ordinary hangover symptoms.

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    Alcohol has been known to contribute too many forms of cancer, including lung cancer and breast cancer. A regular intake of alcohol in large quantity places you at risk of these.

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    High blood pressure:

    Alcohol is known to lead to high blood pressure. Blood pressure in its severe forms can lead to chronic diseases. It is advised to limit daily alcohol consumption to a single glass to keep the blood pressure in check.

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    Heart diseases:

    Over consumption of alcohol increases your blood pressure and weakens the blood arteries. This can lead to chronic disease. Alcohol addicts have fewer chances of surviving a stroke.

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    Pregnancy risk:

    Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is strictly discouraged because it puts the fetus under a lot of risk. It can lead to birth defects in  babies.

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