Top 10 Negative Effects of Internet on Students

Internet is without any doubt one of the top inventions in the 20th century, making distances of thousands of miles disappear and making the world a global village in the truest sense of the word. It has also made it extremely convenient to get access to information and news from around the globe in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Internet is also become an excellent mode of communication and source of entertainment.

Despite all its benefits, there are some really harmful effects of internet, especially on students who spend a great deal of their time in the online space.


  • 1


    One of the biggest harms of Internet on students is that it makes them inactive. Being young and energetic, students should indulge in physical activities such as sports, which contributes to their overall health. However, students end up giving preference to sitting in front of the computer or laptop screen to surf the internet instead of going out to play or exercise.

  • 2

    Wastage of Time

    There are so many things to do on the Internet that students end up spending hours on it instead of utilising the time in a more productive way. Some students even struggle to complete their homework because they are so busy surfing the Internet.

  • 3

    Cyber Bullying

    Cyber bullying is become increasingly common. Students make use of Internet to bully or harass fellow students. This form of bullying is worse than the bullying that goes on in school because sometimes the victim is so scared or embarrassed that he does not even report it to anyone.

  • 4

    Moral Corruption

    While there is a lot of useful information available on the internet, there is an equal, if not more, amount of trash present in the online space as well. Pornography is just one of the many evils that young and innocent minds come across while surfing the Internet. These sorts of things pollute and corrupt a student’s mind.

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    It is extremely important to get sufficient sleep at night. Both the body and mind needs to rest after remaining busy throughout the day. However, students end up reducing their sleeping hours to spend more time on the Internet.

  • 6


    Internet is the third most addictive thing, with the first two being drugs and alcohol. It is so hard to break free of the clutches of Internet addiction that a lot of students end up ignoring the more important things in life because they are unable to move themselves away from the computer or laptop.

  • 7

    Privacy invasion

    Internet is not the safest thing in the world. Due to the presence of hackers in the online space, a person’s personal information may end up in the wrong hands. Students are the easiest targets for these hackers.

  • 8

    Sexual Exploitation

    Students are young and naïve, which make them perfect targets for online predators. These people exploit young students sexually with confidence, as getting traced and caught for such a crime on the Internet is neither easy nor common.

  • 9

    Thinking Capacity Reduced

    Students have begun to rely less on their own brain and a lot more on the Internet when completing assignments. They simply copy the facts off the Internet and cram them in their assignments to handover to their teachers. There is hardly any learning involved in this and basically kills the whole purpose of giving assignments to students.

  • 10

    No Face to Face Communication

    Students prefer to communicate with others, even fellow students, via Internet instead of meeting them and talking to them face to face. A lot of students do not talk properly to the very people that they have chatted to for hours over the Internet.

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