Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking

Many people get into the habit of smoking from their college or university days. It is an addiction and not very easy to give up. When a person starts smoking during their teenage years, they usually become a smoker for life. For years, tobacco companies have been attracting the young to their brands. Many people do not consider smoking wrong, thus they do not feel motivated to quit this nasty habit. Family and friends of smokers are always after them to quit this addiction as it is very harmful to their health. If you want to quit smoking, the points below will help you in strengthening this wise decision.


  • 1

    Heart attack

    Smokers are vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes. A severe heart attack can kill you in minutes. Is smoking really worth your life?

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    Cancer rates have been increasing rapidly. A lot of research has been done to find a cure for this life threatening illness. When you smoke, you are literally inviting this disease in to your system.

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  • 3

    Passive smoking

    When you light a cigarette, you are not the only one affected by it as passive smoking is a big issue. Friends around you have to bear the cost of your smoking and also inhale the harmful toxins. They can also get hurt emotionally, if they do not like this habit of yours.

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  • 4

    Marks on teeth

    Smoking causes a lot of stains on teeth as they appear brown and dirty. The marks get tough over time and become more difficult to remove. Don't ruin your beautiful smile with ugly brown teeth.

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  • 5

    Aging process

    Those who smoke are prone to age quickly. The skin gets wrinkled before you actually get old. If you do not want to look more than your age, then quit smoking now.

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  • 6

    Alzheimer’s disease

    As a person ages, the process of mental decline starts. A smoker's rate is five times more than a normal person. It means a smoker has more chances of getting Alzheimer disease.

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  • 7

    Bad Image

    In earlier times, smoking was related to status and was considered cool. Nowadays, as more health issues have been publicised, smoking is considered bad or rude in some places. It is better not to be associated with something outdated like smoking and quit.

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  • 8

    Less Stamina

    Smokers usually have less stamina than normal people. They get tired more quickly than others while doing any physical activity. If you are an athlete, you will will suffer from a lack of stamina and strength.

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  • 9

    Coughing fit

    When smokers wake up in the morning, they cough to clear their lungs. The coughing fit is annoying for you and the person sleeping next to you. This routine will definitely start to annoy you and those around as it is easier to just quit smoking.

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  • 10


    Quitting smoking will also do your wallet a big favour. It means you are spending less on cigarettes and will have more to spend elsewhere.

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