Top 10 Unexplained Disappearances

Despite the advancement of technology, there are a few mysteries which remain unsolved even today and no one has managed to get a single clue after years of investigation. Some well known personalities were marked as missing in the past, and despite efforts, no clues could be unearthed.

Although some of those cases were not significant, a few of them really left investigators and the general public befuddled.


  • 1

    Louis Le Prince

    The story of Louis Le Prince is a strange one. He invented the first ever motion picture camera and projector in 1888 and wanted to show it to his family. He was on a train to see his family in Paris, but went missing that day in September 1890. No trace of him was ever found afterwards.

  • 2

    Ambrose Bierce

    A famous American writer, Ambrose Bierce, disappeared in 1931 and was never found. There have been a lot of stories related to his mysterious disappearance, but none is considered authentic.

  • 3

    Percy Fawcett

    One of the most mysterious disappearances in the history of mankind was of Percy Fawcett and his son, who went missing in 1925. It is reported that Fawcett had sent a message to his wife about the discovery of a mythical city, but he was not found afterwards.

  • 4

    D.B Cooper

    In 1971, D.B Cooper hijacked a commercial aircraft, took ransom for releasing the passengers and then jumped off the plane with a parachute. He was never seen after that and his disappearance remains a mystery.

  • 5

    The Mary Celeste

    Also known as the ghost ship, this merchant vessel disappeared in the 19th century, but was later found with all the valuables. However, no trace of the crew members and the family of Captain Benjamin Briggs was found.

  • 6

    Joseph Force Crater

    He was a famous American judge, who disappeared in August 1930, but was never found after that.

  • 7

    The lost colony

    In 1587, an entire colony of 114 went missing, which was quite a strange event. The most weird thing about this disappearance was that no clue was found related to it.

  • 8

    Amelia Earhart

    In 1937, Amelia Earhart lost contact with all the stations during her flight and despite a thorough investigation, no clue was found related to her disappearance.

  • 9

    Jimmy Hoffa

    Although the case of Jimmy Hoffa is still unclosed, no evidence related to his mysterious disappearance has been found yet. He had strong connections with criminals, but no one really knows what happened to him.

  • 10

    Flight 19

    In 1945, five torpedo trainees went missing in the Bermuda Triangle. When a search plane, carrying 13 men, went to find clues of the trainees, it also disappeared mysteriously and no traces of it have ever been found.

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