Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of all Time

Have you ever wondered what might be the best unsolved mysteries of all time?

Well, here is a list of top 10 unsolved mysteries which you would like to know about.


  • 1

    Loch Ness monster

    Present in the Scottish highlands, the Loch Ness monster is still an unsolved mystery. It was taped back in the year 2007, but the footage was not clear enough to solve the mystery of this deep water creature.

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  • 2

    Jack the Ripper

    Jack was a serial killer who would brutally kill prostitutes in East End of London. Despite the modern day police techniques, no one has solved this mystery so far. A lot of movies have been made on Jack, each having their own ending.

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  • 3

    El Chupacabra

    Rumours suggest that it is a creature found in Latin America and it sucks the blood of its prey, mostly goats. People living in areas where it is found have claimed that El Chupacabra (meaning: blood sucker) is a reptile with leathery skin and sharp spines.

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  • 4


    There have been several ‘bigfoot’ sightings in the Northwest America. While many believe that it is just a folk tale, others have claimed that they have seen the creature with their own eyes. The ones who claim it to be true also suggest that it is a creature dating back to the era of the dinosaurs.

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  • 5

    Bermuda Triangle

    Responsible for several disappearances of aeroplanes, ships and people, the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery that might never get solved. It is the area between Florida and Puerto Rico, and the few survivors that have come out of it alive claim that either the magnetic field is the strongest here, or there are methane bubbles which do not let you float on water for a long time.

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  • 6

    Zodiac Killer

    Back in 1960s, in Northern California, there was a serial killer who killed five people. He would send different signs to identify himself to the police department through letters, but no one was able to catch him.

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  • 7


    The lost city of Atlantis is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries. The dialogue between Timaeus and Critias suggests that this city existed back in 9600 BC but sank into the ocean in a single day. Several archaeologists have tried searching for signs of Atlantis, but nothing has been found yet.

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  • 8

    Human tissue’s ignition

    A living human tissue can be ignited spontaneously and there have been several cases where this has happened. However, no biologist has worked on this research and there is absolutely nothing we can deduct from few cases we have at hand.

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  • 9

    Sailing Stones

    The dry lakebed of Racetrack, stones weighing 700 pounds would slide across without any force. This is one mystery that has not been solved, especially considering the fact that the stones do not follow a fixed path.

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  • 10


    Back in 1908, a fireball fell from the sky and destroyed Tunguska, Siberia. Scientists have claimed that the explosion was 2000 times the atomic explosion of Hiroshima. While some claimed that it was a meteor,  there is some doubt in that argument.

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