Top 10 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter is the second largest social networking website for the new generation these days. It has occupied the attention of its users by implementing such techniques which were neglected by Facebook. The aspect of a particular tweet and the following of several personalities have made it easier for people to stay in contact with their loved ones. Celebrities are easy to locate as well and they are contacted by their fans. It has suddenly become a crazy social network and the introduction of photos along with the technology of hash tags that has gained so much fame that it has also taken over the Facebook as well.


  • 1

    You need to create something like an avatar that doesn’t have a professional look and will serve as your unprofessional identity over twitter. It will help you attract a lot of individuals who are looking for something unique and not mainstream. Making yourself different from others is what will get you a lot of following.

  • 2

    You should check at what most of the twitter users access their accounts and then you need to tweet different information related updates at that time so that a lot of people can re-tweet your tweets and in this way you will get a lot of following.

  • 3

    You need to create a distinctive figure of yourself on twitter and your biography in the profile is the first step towards that. So, make sure you put in interesting information about yourself and not make it all shaggy.

  • 4

    Send messages to top users of twitters and ask them to follow you for your particulars.

  • 5

    Ask questions to different analysts but research first before doing so because you don’t want to be a mocking stock.

  • 6

    Provide or tweet links to interesting sites and jokes that people will like and want to stay connected to you so that they can get those sorts of links later on as well. It will help you to gain fame at a vast scale but requires immense research.

  • 7

    Develop a niche market and provide links about that. People will follow you to find more about that niche.

  • 8

    Repeat your tweets and don’t shy to do so.

  • 9

    Post different pictures that you find interesting.

  • 10

    Link your account on facebook as well and ask your friends and other relatives to follow you.

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