Variations of the Traditional Cuban Mojito

A traditional mojito, which is native to Cuba, consists of five basic ingredients; white rum, lemon juice or lime juice, sugar cane juice (to sweeten the cocktail), carbonated water and a few mint leaves.

Lime juice is combined with sugar and mint leaves and gently muddled with a muddler. White rum is then stirred in gently to mix the sugar and lift mint leaves from the bottom. Finally club soda is added to the glass and some crushed ice cubes are added to chill the drink. But you can try a number of variations of the traditional mojito to keep yourself refreshed and chilled this summer.

Things Required:

– Highball glass
– Blender
– Cocktail shaker
– Stirring spoon


  • 1

    Strawberry Mojito

    Mint leaves: 10
    Strawberries: 3
    Lime: ½ cup
    Brown sugar: 2 teaspoons
    White rum: 2 oz
    Some club soda

    In a highball glass, mix together two strawberries, two teaspoons of brown sugar, juice from half a lime and mint leaves. Also add white rum and crushed ice to the glass and fill it with club soda. Garnish your strawberry mojito with a strawberry and two mint leaves before serving.

  • 2

    Mango Mojito

    Mint leaves: 5
    Mango rum: 1½ oz
    Club soda: 3 oz
    Lime wedge: 1

    For all those mango lovers out there, mango mojito makes an exotic summer drink. Mix together a lime wedge and few mint leaves in a glass and add 1 ½ mango rum to it. Fill the glass with club soda and serve with a couple of ice cubes.

  • 3

    Miami Mojito

    Mint leaves: 12
    Gold rum: 1 cup
    Brown sugar: ½ a cup
    Lime juice: ¼ a cup
    Lime peel: 1½ teaspoons
    Club soda: 3 cups

    Gather all the ingredients and put them in the blender and pulse it on high for half a minute. Put some crushed ice in a highball glass and pour the mojito over it. This alcohol free cocktail is perfect for a long sunny day at the beach, and it takes just a couple of minutes to make this refreshing drink.

  • 4

    Pineapple Mojito

    Pineapple juice: 1 oz
    Pineapple slices: 2
    Lime wedges: 5
    Mint leaves: 7
    Brugal Añejo Rum: 3 oz
    Triple Sec: 1 oz

    Put two slices of pineapple, five lime wedges and 5-7 mint leaves in your cocktail shaker and blend well. Now add ice and rest of the ingredients to the cocktail shaker and muddle well. Serve this refreshing summer drink in a highball glass with some ice cubes. You can use either pineapple slices, lime wedges or a mint sprig to garnish this cocktail.

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