Vehicle Weight Limits In London

Vehicle weight limits are in force all across London to protect roads that are in residential areas and are not a part of the main road networks. According to the regulation, a lorry or vehicle that has abnormal/excessive load is not allowed to enter certain areas that are highlighted by local the councils. Heavy vehicles can cause serious negative impact on the structure of the roads which causes deterioration and makes the damages streets unsafe for smaller vehicles. Weight limits may vary from council to council therefore people who are driving an over loaded vehicle should first make sure that they are allowed to carry the load in a specific area. Drivers should also be aware of what types of lorries or vehicles do not come under the weight limit restrictions in residential areas. For further information regarding vehicle weight limits, see the information provided in the steps below.


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    Vehicle Weight Limit Terms:

    Usually most of the local councils in London have almost similar conditions regarding vehicle weight limits. Some of the common points related with vehicle weight limits are:

    - Generally vehicles and lorries with gross weight around or above 7.5 tonnes are not permitted to enter into residential or specific areas of a borough.

    - A council can also restrict abnormal loaded vehicles from going through bridges or roads which are not too strong to support such a lorry.

    - Lorries or vehicles that have gross weight of 7.5 tonnes or above are strictly advised to carry a plate that must be stating the weight of the motor vehicle.

    - Weight exceptions are only for lorries or vehicles that are used for loading and unloading of goods from buildings or sites within an area.

    - The councils highlight the ban areas by erecting weight limit signs around them. These signs can be seen on the boundaries of such regions or areas that are banned for over loaded vehicles.

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    Contact your Local Council:

    In order to get further details regarding vehicle weight limit, make contact with your local council. Those who do not have the contact details of their local council can collect this information from here.

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