How to Hire Wedding Cars in London

Your wedding day should be one you remember for the rest of your life. It’s a day when nothing should go wrong and all the proceedings go as planned. What good would that day be if it did not have an end as perfect? That is why the best wedding car or limousine is required to make a classic exist from the wedding as your guests shower you with happiness. A special car for your special day whether it be the elegance of a Rolls Royce or the vintage look of a Bentley is something that can add a unforgettable touch to your wedding day. When planning a wedding in London, you will have your pick of the crop as far as hiring a wedding car goes. The finest cars are available and you just need to know where to look. So here are a few simple steps on how to go about hiring a car for your wedding day in London.


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    Decide what type of car you want

    The type of car you hire says a lot about you and your new life partners tastes so it is a good idea to discuss and decide what you want before hand. The choices are actually quite extensive and you can get a classic car, limousine, luxury ride or exotic ride. Just make sure you are happy with what you want and then go out looking for it. It might be also helpful to have a second option in case your first choice is not available.

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    The wedding season in London takes place in the summer and it can get very busy for car hire companies. If your wedding does fall in this period then you need to book in advance. Try to at least make a booking 6 weeks before the weedding date.

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    Search for car hire companies

    You need to located car hire companies near your location in London. You can search online, check out the yellow pages, look at newspaper listings or ask friends for recommendations.

    Here are some car hire companies in London that have cars for weddings to help you get started:

    Wedding Car Hire London

    London Prestige Chauffeur Services Ltd

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    Contact Companies

    It is best to call the car hire companies and speak to the staff their. You can also email the firms from their email address online. However, if you speak with a sales person face to face you may get a chance to see the cars before you book them.

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    Select Car and check availability

    Once you have a list of car hire companies, you can browse their selection. Each company has their own fleet and you need to make sure they have your choice of car, color and availability.

    Convey the date and time you need the car and check for availability. This may be the most important step because you even if you find the car that you like, if it is not available on the date you need it you cannot change the date of your wedding.

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    Book your car

    Once you have selected your car and made sure it is available, book the vehicle. Most places will have fixed prices for hiring a car but you might be able to negotiate a better price. Do not forget that you need to tell the company if you need a driver. This will cost extra so keep that in mind before you make a decision.

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    You will be asked to leave a deposit to confirm your car. In most cases it is fifty percent of the total fee. Once the wedding day is over the company will bill you for the remaining amount, which usually has a seven day period for payment.

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    Confirm before wedding

    Be sure to confirm the specifics with the company as the wedding day grows near. You do not want to be left empty handed on the day of the big day.

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