Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men

A bulging tummy, rising cholesterol level and a high figure on the weight machine? Weight Loss is a constant battle between what we want and what we should have.  Weight loss is as difficult for men as it is for women. It is desirable not just because it improves your personality but has health factors to it. A healthy weight comes under the most important aspects of good health.

Gentlemen, it is definitely the right time to go on a diet plan if you find that your previous waist size does not fit you anymore. Have a look at what our step by step guide has for you:


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    Calorie count:

    Make calorie count a part of your life by determining calories in everything you eat and reading the labels over the packages. Keep a calorie chart where you mark your daily calorie intake and your target. Typically, a reduction of 500 calories results in one pound loss a week, when combined with exercise in an effective way.

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    Do not stop eating, eat less:

    Don’t deprive yourself when you’re hungry or else your body will go into famine mode and start storing fat and make you eat too much when you finally decide to eat something. Reduce your serving size starting by 20%. In short time you will get used to the serving size and it will seem normal. Give yourself the occasional treat and nice meal out. Eat your favorite food BUT in smaller portions.

    Try to make your meals last longer. Eat foods that last longer, eat the slowly, enjoy every bite you indulge in, savor the flavors and don’t put more food in your plate than you can handle.

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    Follow the food pyramid:

    Things will get much easier if you follow the given food pyramid religiously. The top narrow section of the pyramid has proteins and fats consisting of dairy items, oil, butter etc. You have to reduce their intake. Switch to low fat options like lean meat, skinless chicken and sea food for this section.

    The second section consists of fruits, dry fruits, grains, milk and yogurt. Consume them in good quantity as they are low calorie options that give you a filling feeling and take care of your nutrition needs. Switch to whole grain options in bread, cereals and rice instead of processed ones. Take fruit fresh in salads and desserts instead of cooking them.

    The base of the pyramid has vegetables and whole grains which should be consumed the most because they are the most beneficial and harmless of the food group. Grill or bake your vegetables instead of frying them in oil.

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    Exercise is as important as diet:

    If you are able to eat less, than the perfect thing to go with your diet would be exercise. Regular exercise of only 20 to 40 minutes every day would do wonders for you. Approach your meals and exercise with your weight in mind. How much you weigh and how much you need to eat and exercise to come to the ideal weight that you have in mind. You can play your favorite sport like swimming, squash or tennis as a form of exercise.

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    Know the Reasons to eat:

    Know the things that make you crave food. It’s not always hunger, sometimes we grab food because we are about to watch a movie, sometimes we grab food out because we are depressed or stressed. Realize that food will not fill that emptiness in our lives and it relief giving effects won’t last long. Discover and control your food triggers. This is the best steps towards self control and eating less. To fight off hunger pangs between meals, take snacks like low fat yogurt and fruits.

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    Drink wise:

    A can of soda contains about 150 calories. You will need about half an hour of exercise to put this much calorie off. Rather than wasting your calories on things that don’t play any part in fulfilling your appetite, a  solution would be to stick to water and tea and use your calories on foods that will play a longer satisfying and fulfilling effect on your stomach. Refrain from alcohol as it has anti metabolism properties and gives you empty unhealthy calories. Fresh fruit juices without any sweetening are good alternatives to carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

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