What are Convalescent Homes

The phrase convalescent home is often used interchangeably with medical or nursing homes, but there are some key differences between these terms. Convalescent homes are mainly designed to offer a home-like atmosphere, helping the sufferers restore from long lasting diseases or medical operations. Most patients expect to return to their own houses after restoration, although some will remain for their entire life. Nursing or relaxation homes are more likely to house long-term patients who may require some medical treatment. A few important aspects are listed in this article to help you understand the purpose of convalescent homes.


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    Convalescent homes usually offer a mixture of medical care solutions and support. Post-surgical sufferers, especially seniors, may be allocated to one by their doctor for permanent or temporary physical rehabilitation and supervised care. Others suffering from serious diseases such as advanced diabetes or cancer may be kept in nursing homes to reduce transport requirements between therapies. Close relatives often prefer this continuous guidance provided by the medical support staff when compared to maintaining care at the individual's own home.

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    Because of the additional medical care solutions and stage of guidance, convalescent homes may be more expensive than assisted-living flats or long-term nursing homes. Medical health insurance and other plans cover many of the expenses but mostly these benefits are restricted. Patients receive healthy meals and other essential care, often in a very enjoyable atmosphere, but eventually the nursing homes can feel like an institution, so many directors motivate supervised trips and group activities. Family members are also motivated to visit the patients on a regular basis. Local spiritual and non-profit companies also make routine trips to convalescent homes to offer unique solutions or enjoyment.

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    Convalescent homes have gone down in numbers considerably over the years. It was not unusual for expectant mothers in the 1950's to spend some time in these unique houses during and after child birth. Kids with unique medical needs would also be moved to such facilities until they could continue their normal activities after recovering from illness. With enhancements in medicine and health therapies, however, the need to keep the constantly ill in convalescent homes has reduced considerably. Modern convalescent homes are usually arranged for seniors with permanent medical care needs or those who need long term rehabilitation times post surgical operations.