What is a Computer Software Program

Computer software allows the users to run a variety of applications by giving commands and digital instructions to hardware. Essentially, computer software is much more than just a program running applications or games. Microsoft Windows is the most powerful software that helps your computer to its fullest to make sure everything works properly. Similarly Apple had its own software, called the IOS. It is extremely important to understand what computer software is to ensure maximum speed and output for your computer. Installing new software on the computer also requires the users to have basic knowledge of software components.


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    Operating systems are perhaps the most commonly used type of software in the world. It is also the most important software for a computer to run different applications and programs. Without an operating system, your computer will be nothing more than an empty machine sitting on the table. Essentially, it acts as an interpreter to help the users connect with the PC. Furthermore, only an operating system can understand the computer language.

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    Applications and programs help the users perform a variety of tasks on the computer. It will not be wrong to say that applications provide a bridge the operating system does not have. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Internet Explorer, Microsoft Visio that allow us to solve our problems and improve productivity levels on a daily basis are some of the most commonly used applications offering unmatchable features and capabilities. It will not be wrong to say that these type of computer software have a played a key role in world’s progress over the last few years. However, the user must install the operating system to be able to run these applications on the computer.

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    Computer drivers are also an important type of software, designed to form connections between the hardware and operating system. Equipment such as printers, mouse, keyboard and monitor can be connected to the computer only by installing the appropriate drivers. Furthermore, sound and video drivers allow us to watch movies and other TV programs.

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    Programming languages are designed to help the computer and users interact with each other. Computer understands languages that include BASIC binary language, C+ and Java. Manufacturers created these applications to help the operating system give out different messages for the computer operator. They can also be purchased and manually installed on the computer.

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