What is a W-9 Tax Form Used For

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers several important forms to the citizens. Each form has a different purpose, so every individual should consult a tax expert before submitting any form.

The W-9 form is one of most commonly used forms and is the basic requirement for the employees or even freelance workers.

The form has multiple uses. The most important aspect is to submit all the necessary information to the IRS. The employers are bound to make the important reports to the Revenue Service.


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    Official Title

    This form is officially known as ‘Form W-9: Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.’ It is extremely important for all those who have employees or freelances workers.

    The nature of work does not make any difference, as the employers have to submit the necessary reports to tax department.

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    Form's Use

    The key use of this form is to gather necessary information from the employees, affiliates or freelance workers. Although the workers receive salaries from the employer, they are responsible for all their tax related matters. The W-9 form reaches the IRS, and it helps the department to keep track of the taxes that the independent workers actually owe.

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    Information Required

    Filling the W-9 tax form is not a lengthy procedure. It is a one-page form, and requires very basic information. Alongside the one-page form, you will get another three pages that explains the uses and purpose of the form.

    Among the important information that needs to be entered is name, address, business name (if applicable) and a Social Security Number (SSN) or equivalent Employer Identification Number (EIN).

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    Importance with Freelancers

    If an individual is doing a job, the employer may pay his/her tax by deducting some money from the salary. But the freelance workers are entirely responsible for their tax dues. That is where W-9 form comes in.

    This form is the only way through which the IRS keeps a record of the freelancers, who may face problems if he/she has not submitted this form to the tax department.

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    Reported Income

    The employer is responsible for submitting the form to the department, if he/she is paying any money to the independent workers. The form includes the particular amount paid to the workers on yearly basis. The SSN or EIN on the form are used by the IRS to take an idea about the yearly income of the freelancer.

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