Difference Between Tea Party and Republicans

The basic difference between the two terms is that Tea Party is a movement in the United States whereas Republican Party is one of the two major political parties in the country. Tea Party takes its name from the ‘Boston Tea Party’ incident, which was a protest against the British rule for the taxes people paid on tea. On the other hand, the Republican party was formed in the year 1854 by activists that favoured anti-slavery laws. This party came into rule six years later, when Abraham Lincoln became the President.

The Tea Party has members from both the major political parties in the United States, Republican and Democratic. The Tea Party does not field any candidate for the presidency elections in the country, but the Republicans oppose Democrats and have candidates represent them in the national elections.

The symbols and flags of the two parties are also different. The Tea Party uses the yellow Gadsden flag as its symbol whereas Republicans use the symbol of an elephant on their respective flags.

Popularity is also a major difference. While Republicans enjoy a huge following in the United States, Tea Party is generally a minority and few people know about the movement.


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    Tea Party

    The Tea Party is basically a movement that was created from a set of local and national protests in the United States. The movement gained immense popularity in the year 2009 when a set of laws were passed by the US government. These laws included Health Care Reform Bill, Emergency Economic Stabilization and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

    The movement is a minority in the country and has members from both big political parties. The party’s flag is the yellow Gadsden flag which has become its symbol also.

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    The Republican Party is one of the two big political parties in the United States of America; the other one being Democratic Party. It was formed in the year 1854 and is widely regarded as the Grand Old Party in the country. Abraham Lincoln was elected as the first president from the party for the country in the year 1860.

    The Republicans are usually called the conservative party as compared to the liberal Democrats. The Republican Party’s logo or symbol is an elephant, also present on their flag. George Walker Bush was the last president of the country elected from the Republican Party.

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