What is Confectioner’s Sugar

Confectioner is a skilled person or worker who makes candies, sweets and baked stuff, and confectioner sugar is a powdered form of sugar that can easily be used in these products. It is also known as baker’s sugar or powdered sugar, and is basically prepared in the powdered form. It is easy to dissolve and use, and it saves a lot of time of the confectioner.


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    Confectioner's sugar is also know as baker's sugar, because of its use in the products such as sweets made by these people. It is to save their time in preparation of these items, as ordinary sugar can take more time to dissolve.

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    It is also known as powdered sugar because after grinding it in the coffee grinder it takes a form of powder. It is a very refined quality, and the minute you put in the water it dissolves there and then.

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    You can make your own powdered sugar. You will need just a coffee grinder. Put the ordinary white sugar you purchase from the market and grind in the grinder. It is ready in powdered form.

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    Confectioner's sugar is used in all forms of sweets made by a confectioner. It is also used in baking stuff such as cakes. You can also use it at home in preparation of soft drinks.

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    Confectioner's sugar is also used in creating topping on cakes and pastries. It can be used mixed in cream or as a standalone commodity to take the form of cream on top of these products.

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    Confectioner's sugar has taken some new names very recently. For example, it is also referred as 10x sugar or icing sugar.

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    You can also used the powdered sugar in preparation of your regular food in the kitchen. It saves a lot of your time, as other forms of sugar take more time to dissolve and sometimes you have to shake things for a while to let the ordinary sugar dissolve.

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    Powdered sugar is a quick way of entertaining your guests with soft drinks. You can make the drinks faster than you do in case you use of ordinary sugar. Just pour the drink in the glass, put sugar and some ice, and your drink is ready.

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