What Is Folate And Why Is It Important In Our Diet

Folate is another name for folic acid. It is a type of Vitamin B and is an important nutrient for our body due to its qualities. It is available in many natural products such as the yolk of an egg, sunflower seeds, certain foods and liver related foods.

Its presence in our diet is an important factor that contributes to our health. In case we are not consuming enough folate, we can have certain health related issues. Some of them can be quite serious and can have an impact on our everyday lives.


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    Research has shown that when folic acid is consumed in a preconception period, it can be useful in protecting the offspring against a number of congenital malformations including the neural tube defects. These are abnormalities of a severe kind and can have permanent damaging effects on the new born. A deficiency of folic acid is also linked to problems such as infant low birth weight, preterm delivery and fetal growth retardation.

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    Heart Disease

    It does not have a direct effect in case a person has heart disease but it can be useful in stopping these diseases from occurring in offspring if consumed by the mother. It can also play a role in reducing the risks of children developing a metabolic syndrome. However, it can worsen the condition in case of myocardial infarction and angina.

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    It has been observed that the folic acid can reduce the chance of a stroke. This is observed in some individuals so it may work for some while not for others. Nonetheless, it does not have a bad effect in this regard.

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    Researches are being conducted to find a link between folate deficiencies and depression. There have been signs that there is a correlation between the two. More research results should be able to provide us with more conclusive data. It is known that the folic acid does have an effect on the serotonin receptors and noradrenaline which can be the reason being its good effects on depression reduction.

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    The right amount of folate is important for both males and females to achieve fertility. In case of it being an insufficient quantity, the result can be sub-fertility.

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