What is Hospital Homebound Schooling

Hospital Homebound Schooling program is a method of education for the children who are unable to attend school for any medical or physical condition and are either stuck at home or in hospitals. The method is a way to provide opportunities to such students to continue their education. The goal of the program is to help the children with physical condition integrate into the education system and get themselves educated despite the fact that they are confined in their homes or hospitals. The method is more popular in some countries and lesser in others.


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    Hospital Homebound Schooling is meant for those students who are confined in homes or hospitals due to any medical or physical condition and can attend schools on a regular basis.

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    The program is designed to provide students with medical or physical conditions opportunities to continue their education without any problem, even if they have to stay at home or in the hospital because of that condition.

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    The program works through either arrangement of visiting faculty or bi-school enrolment, for the students who can attend the classes in the school on a part-time basis. Sometimes, a web-based program is also designed to allow the students continue their education through self-teaching, but this type is more popular for middle and high-school students, who are better conversant with the computer technology.

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    The hospital homebound program is recognised by all certificate awarding body and the method does not have an impact on the quality of examination or grading of the students. They are as effectively qualified as those students who attend schools on a regular basis.

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    The program is designed while keeping in mind each student's shortcomings and needs, as the actual goal of the program is to facilitate the students continue their education. It is different from distance learning programs or online learning programs. In this, students are guided through properly qualified teachers, who either visit home or hospital of the students.

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    Although schools advertise about these programs on a regular basis, the families in need for such a program for their children should always ask schools if they offer such programs. By communicating with the schools through email or over the phone, you can get a program that can be customised while keeping the need of your child in mind.

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