What Is Oxycodone Hydrochloride

Oxycodone hydrochloride is generic name for the drug Endone that is prescribed for pain relief. Doctors prescribe the drug for short and long-term use, especially if the patients hate tried other non-narcotic solutions for the pain relief. The drug is classified in the opioid ingredients or chemicals, which are also produced naturally in the human body. The main function of the naturally produced opioid elements in the body is to fight pain.


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    The Endone dose is carefully prescribed by doctors after determining the need of the patient. This is the reason that Endone is not made available over the counter, and people are warned against using it without doctor's advice.

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    Endone is an oral drug, taken in the form tablet and consumed as a whole without chewing or crushing. The maximum dose recommended by the doctors is 5mg, which can be taken at a different frequency during the day.

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    Endone works in 10-15 minutes and its impact lasts for about three to four hours. It is important that the dose is taken at a right time and is not missed. It is a cycle of therapy that relieves the pain gradually and once a dose is missed it disturbs the entire cycle.

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    Be careful while taking does, and carefully look at tablets before taking each dose. An overdose of Endone can be very dangerous and can lead to different reactions in the body, causing damage to even some organs.

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    Do not change the recommended dose on your own. If you do not feel relieved even after taking the prescribed dose, consult your doctor, but do not make any changes to quantity and frequency of the drug dose.

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    Talk to your doctor if you feel pain in any other part of the body. You should also consult doctor in case of any other changes in your body.

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    Do not take the drug after your prescribed dose is over. The drug can cause an addiction problem, you might find it difficult to quit it on your own. Consult your doctor before quitting the drug and discuss your situation if you find any difficulty in avoiding the drug.

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