What Is Philanthropy

Philanthropy is the act of benevolence and altruism that shows someone’s love to mankind. No matter if it is money, property or service, anything which has been done without any purpose of benefit will be considered philanthropy.

However, it does not mean that one needs to donate something significant. In this act, a person who places one dollar into the hand of a needy person is as important as the person who donates millions of dollars to an organisation. This term is so vast that you will have to understand it with the help of different examples.


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    As told earlier, there is no specific shape of philanthropy so you can donate money. You can help some needy person directly or allocate funds for an NGO. There are many ways to donate money as you can dedicate some financial assets to some organisation or you can just allow the beneficiary to use the income of that project. Similarly, you can fix a percentage of your income for donation. There are also people who put instructions in their will to give their money away to some person, organisation or area. However, if you are going for some unconventional way of charity then make sure to follow legal process to avoid any unpleasant incident.

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    Another form of philanthropy is to offer assistance in doing something really good. It can be anything like arranging a walk/rally, sparing a couple of hours to educate others, visiting hospitals, old homes or nursing homes to serve the suffering people. These all are acts of benevolence and the one who does this will be called a philanthropist.

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    If someone donates the property, it is also an act of altruism as that person is doing something for the betterment of people around him/her. However, this method is not as easy as donating money. You will have to undergo a legal process to clear your way for this type of philanthropy. The other shapes of donating property are to give away clothes, food items, household items and shelters.

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    Though, it requires a special kind of courage and selflessness but still people donate part of their body to others. Blood donation is the most common philanthropic act of this category. However, people also donate eyes, kidneys, liver etc. There are also people who are bone marrow donors.

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