What Is Zoology and Its Branches

Zoology is the study of animals whether they are alive or extinct, such dinosaurs or platypus. There are many different branches of zoology each focusing on different aspect of animal kingdom. Few zoologists are interested in studying physical appearances of animals while others want to know about their habitat and evolutionary changes. The study of animals started several years ago but the field of zoology came into existence in German and Britain universities. People like Charles Darwin and Aristotle left their mark in this field of scientific study. Remember that it is not an attractive or financially rewarding field. However, zoology is an interesting field to opt.


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    Zoology - Definition

    Zoology is the scientific study of animals ranging from their classification to their microscopic studies. It involves studying of animals whether they are living or extinct.

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    Morphology, Anatomy and Histology

    Morphology, anatomy and histology deal with the study of physical makeup and appearances especially of adult animals. The first one deals with the main composition of animals. Morphology also consists of how animals are made and what they do.

    Anatomy involves in deeper study of animals. Zoologists dissect animals and get more information.

    Histology on the other hand consists of even deeper study. They examine animals by using microscopes.

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    Physiology and Embryology

    Physiology focuses on living animals. It involves studying their digestion, mobility, respiratory and other functions.

    Embryology on the other hand involves in knowing of animal from its inception to adulthood and death. It also consists of following the animal to its birth or hatching regarding to the animal you are studying.

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    Taxonomy involves classification of animals into their respective family, kingdom, order and species.  This branch evolved from time to time. With more animal species found, taxonomy allotted them to their respective place.

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    Ecology, Paleo-Fossile, Heredity and Evolution

    These four branches of zoology are related to changes within the animal kingdom.  Ecology involves relation of animals to the environment e.g. how an animal will react with lack of water or abundant of water.

    Paleo-Fossile and evolution on the other hand follow changes or alterations within the species of animals. It looks their changes over a long period of time.

    Heredity involves with living and modern animals. It also looks after their genetic descendants. This branch is most used for gamblers or animal racers e.g. horse breeders will consult this branch in order to grow up a winner foal.

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