Whiskey Sour Cocktail Recipe

Simple to make and excessively good-looking, the Whiskey Sour cocktail is an intense combination of whiskey and lemon juice. The sharpness of the whiskey, and the tartness of the lemon juice are slightly blunted by the addition of sugar syrup, to make for a well-balanced and thoroughly enjoyable cocktail. The Maraschino cherry with which the beverage is garnished seals the deal, and makes it an irresistible drink. Three basic ingredients are used to create this powerful combination, and whether you choose to make it as a way to unwind after a hard day, or serve it to guests at the start of a cocktail party, a Whiskey Sour cocktail is an all-round winner.

Preparation Time: 2 to 5 minutes
Serving Size: Serves 1 person
Utensils: Cocktail serving glass, cocktail shaker, strainer

– 1 1/2 oz whiskey
– 1 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
– 3/4 oz sugar syrup
– Maraschino cherry for garnishing purposes
– Crushed ice


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    Start by selecting the cocktail glass in which you plan to serve the drink – this could be anything from a martini glass to a rocks glass, although the latter will definitely work better. Place your glass of choice in the refrigerator, and allow it to stay in there for around 15 minutes, so the glass can develop a misted, frosted exterior.

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    Meanwhile, grab a cocktail shaker, and fill a little more than a quarter of it with crushed ice. Once this is done, proceed to pour 1 1/2 oz of fresh lemon juice, 1 1/2 oz of whiskey and 3/4 oz of sugar syrup over the crushed ice in the cocktail shaker.

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    Now, screw on the lid of the cocktail shaker tightly, grasp it firmly, and give it a couple of vigorous shakes. Continue shaking for around 15 seconds, until all the ingredients are properly mixed, and the drink is well-blended.

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    Then, take your chilled cocktail glass out of the refrigerator, hold a strainer over it, and pour the cocktail into this. Garnish the drink by plopping a maraschino cherry into it, and drop in 2-3 ice cubes too. Your Whiskey Sour cocktail is now ready – serve chilled.

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