Why is it Dangerous to Drink and Drive

Despite having general awareness about the ills of drinking and driving, most people ignore the subject entirely. Drinking and driving has become ever so prevalent in modern-day society, where a number of fatal accidents take place on a daily basis.

On average, one death every hour can be attributed to drunk driving.  If you are not aware of the dire consequences, the following steps will help you understand the problem in detail, and you can take measures to prevent yourself and others from falling into a death trap.


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    On a legal note, zero tolerance will be shown if you are drunk and are under the age of 21 - it will most probably lead to a jail sentence. For adults, there is a certain alcohol percentage which you may consume, which must be below 0.08 percent. If you have breached that limit, you may be charged with a suspension or jail term or a fine of being driving under the influence – DUI.

    For underage drivers, who are caught drinking, this could be catastrophic as you could lose your full driving privileges, apart from being fined,  asked to serve jail term or perform community work.

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    For starters, the consumption of alcohol impairs judgment and you put yourself under considerable risk. The level of consumption hardly matters as even one drink could greatly affect your concentration on the road, slowing reaction time, affecting your ability to multitask and limiting your alertness, along with slowing down the function of your brain.

    Moreover, you tend to feel more confident and start to ignore sign boards, red signals etc.

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    Not only you are putting your life at risk but are gambling on other people’s lives; those who are with you in the car and those who are on the road. The worst part about drinking and driving is that you are under the false assumption of having everything under control. If unfortunately, anyone is hurt because of your actions, you will be imprisoned for years. Not only that, you may not be able to forgive yourself, especially if  lose someone close to you.

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