Yahoo IMAP Mail Settings Overview

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and is used for the purpose of email retrieval. With the assistance of IMAP you will be able to access Yahoo emails and files in any other email program that you want to use. This is normally required when you want to have all your emails at one place or else you want to setup mails on a mobile device.

By having Yahoo IMAP mail settings in proper way you can access your Yahoo account completely from another program or device..

Proper server settings are required for the Yahoo! Mail IMAP Settings which are mentioned as follows:


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    First you will have to download a helper application which can be the "Yahoo IMAP Connector". The purpose of this application is to work as a translator between Yahoo IMAP server and email client.

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    Once you have downloaded the application, it will give you a 15 days free trial period. You'll need to buy it for further use.

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    After the installation of Yahoo IMAP Connector make following changes in the settings in order to access Yahoo email.

    Incoming Server

    Type: IMAP
    Port: 27143
    Encryption: Plaintext (none)
    User Name: Your full email address
    Password: Password of your Yahoo’s email address

    Outgoing Server

    Type: SMTP
    Port: 465
    Encryption: SSL
    Authentication: Use the following authentication (same as the IMAP server)
    User Name: Your full email address
    Password: Password of your Yahoo’s email address

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    After making the relevant changes you will be asked to access Yahoo mail through your desktop.

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