7 Iconic Toys from the 80’s

Toys are actually an important part of the development program of any individual. Kids learn the basics of probability and several other subjects through toys; for instance, the probability of a dice rolling six. That’s something that all the kids learn through toys. Moreover, toys such as Rubik’s Cube can also help out in applied and pure mathematics. It’s true that the toys of today have absolutely changed. Kids are reverting to more technological side of things rather than technical. They would opt for gadgets and not physical work.

However, we have listed down iconic toys back from the 80’s. These toys managed to change a lot of things in the world of kids who were present back during those days.


  • 1

    Rubik’s Cube

    Who cannot know about the Rubik’s Cube? It was probably one of the most annoying toys in the history of toys. People would actually race about who is going to solve the Rubik’s Cube before the other.

    rubiks cube
  • 2

    Transformers Robot

    On one side the kids had the same old action figures which didn’t mean anything and on the other hand there were Transformers Robots which could change shapes and sizes. That is what added an extremely cool factor to these toys and that is why the kids wanted them time and time again.

  • 3


    Play Station? X Box? They don’t even come close to what Atari used to be for kids back in the 80’s. One of the first few toys that were actually displayed on the TV screen. This was the beginning of a new era.

  • 4

    Glo Worm

    Released back in 1982, these figures would glow once you pressed them. Later in 2005 this toy was banned because they claimed that it was unsafe for kids.

    glow worm
  • 5

    Magic 8 Ball

    People who got addicted to the Magic 8 Ball would simply not leave it. It was a ball which had several answers hidden inside it. You could shake it while asking a question and the answer would pop up. This ball is still quite famous.

    8 ball
  • 6

    Nitendo Game Boy

    Another toy that changed the lives of many people around the world. A simple screen in the hands of the person playing it, with certain games inside it. People who were addicted to this beauty still miss it.

  • 7


    Jenga is probably the most iconic toy in its history; reason being that it requires physical and mental skill. The players have to take turn to remove a block from the bottom and putting it on top.


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