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With the popularity of flight simulation gaming there has come into being a new area of people trying to make money off of it. The flight sim add-ons. These are not the add-ons or expansion packs that are so popular for companies that add levels and missions to games.

But whole separate packs that people are designing and selling as additions to the basic flight simulation games that are available from Microsoft such as Flight sim 2004. There are also add-ons available that are not for sale but rather for free.

These are not only ones that people are building to have fun and expand their own gaming experience but as practice and preparation to creating their own business of flight-sim add-ons.

The new craze is a really hot item for simulation fans. You can purchase a wide variety of things such as civilian and military airplanes with full interior designs, airport additions with accurate grounds and buildings and airliner pilot career simulations.

These add-ons are either for free or for sale, but you need to have the original flight sim that is appropriate to the add on. Many add-ons have only a few things that are particular about them. Such as the one I mentioned about the airports.

One available from Swedflight has airports from Sweden in minute and accurately detailed computer graphics for landing, takeoffs, and ground cruising. The buildings and grounds are based on photos taken last year for the best and most up-to-date recreations.

Another popular area is the scenery available of different areas of the world that have been painstakingly recreated digitally like popular areas such as the Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helens or Misty Fjords, Alaska.

There is a great number of things you can do with several of the flight simulation games. One is the virtual tours available for flying helicopters in the New York City area. There is a Manhattan Scenery available from Aerosoft : , where you can fly in a helicopter and see the sights around not only the airports of New York city but the famous sights such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Wall Street and Central Park. The simulation add-on has night flying as well as day time flying and you can see the night life from the air along the lighted streets as cars go by.

This same company has a large number of add-ons available as I mentioned earlier, There are not only sceneries of Europe and America but flight simulations adventures such as simulating being a pilot for a particular European or British Airline.

You can get behind the yoke of one of the big ones for Lufthansa or British Airways and make the flights safely and comfortably for your passengers just like a real pilot.

There are some of the most recent aircraft renderings available as add-ons such as the Airbus 320 and 340. There are commercial, military, private, helicopter, and even ultra light aircraft available for flight simulation games.

There is a large number of these add-ons available for your review from the following web sites:

Flight Sim:


These sites are two of the largest on the web for flight simulation add-ons. They have information and downloads available for not only the aircraft you can fly but terrain and scenery, and things like cockpit gauges and views.

Flightsim has a wide range of flight simulation add-ons for sale available for many of the flight sim games. They have a large area of add-ons including software, hardware and services for flight simulation games.

They also have downloads available such as aircraft and checklists, flight plans and procedure lists for flying. They have wide range of aircraft not only for combat but civilian and commercial airplanes.

Simviation is a large web site that has downloads for scenery, aircraft and utilities for flight simulation. They also have some add-ons for sale for aircraft and such. There is a help section and a forum to discuss the latest in flight simulation.

They also have a combat flight simulation for those who are into the combat flight simulation games such as Microsoft Combat Flight Simulation and the two subsequent games from Microsoft.

Speaking of combat flight sims, there is also whole areas of add-ons for those games as well. There are aircraft, specific battles, special weapons and even some funny things such as Dastardly and Muttley or Gromit flying simulators.

Yes. You can fly as that snickering dog Muttley or the smart yet quiet Gromit form Wallace and Gromit.

Here are the two funny ones:
Muttley for Combat Flight Sim 2:
Grommit for Flight Sim 98 and 2000:
Gromit for Combat Flight Sim 2:

Some specific battles available are the Battle of Britain or the Jolly Rogers or even Tora, Tora Tora. There are add-ons for Combat Flight Sim 2 for the Korean War available from a great group of developers for free at Fox Four.

They have made three whole campaigns and add-ons that work with Microsoft’s Combat Flight Simulator 2 and update the world war two combat of the original game for flying in the Korean War using planes and missions of that area of war.

They are available here:

Combat Flight Sims have been a large part of the flight simulation experience and have added to the flying enjoyment of many, but the flight simulators of today’s home computer are not just for flying military jets and aircraft in combat.

There are areas such as flying in air shows, test flying and just plain old having fun in some of the militaries newest and most complex aircraft. You can also go back in time and try your hand at some of the simplest and least complex aircraft such as the Sopwith Camel or the Red Barons Foker DR1.

These plains are available for download for many of the simulation games at either of the websites I mentioned earlier, Simviation or Flightsim.

In the world of flight simulation PC games there is available not only a wide range of downloads available for the aircraft, scenery and instruments, but whole new realms of flying enjoyment for people to enjoy.

You can learn how to fly in aircraft that has been painstakingly recreated on you PC and learn the dynamics of flight and the physics behind flying. Hours of fun and enjoyment can be had for free or at a cost from several companies creating flight simulation add-ons for many of today’s popular flight sim games.

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