Enter the Magical World of RuneScape: Monsters, Quests, and Magic Await

RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online RPG by Jagex that is available online. The game is full of magic, monsters, and quests that challenge even the most experienced RPG gamer. Unlike many other MMORPGS, RuneScape requires no download, so gamers can play it anywhere that they can find a computer with an internet connection. All of the characters, world, and the entire RuneScape universe is accessible from www.runescape.com.

Players have two options when joining RuneScape. They can either sign up for a free account or pay a monthly fee for a member account. RuneScape is one of the cheaper online RPGs, offering member accounts for only $5.00 a month. Members can access the entire RuneScape world and complete every quest, while free accounts can only travel through a small area of the medieval land and take on a limited number of missions. Once they’ve selected their account type, players get to create their own customized character by selecting gender, body type, and other options.

New gamers don’t need to worry about memorizing a complex instruction manual or reading pages of tutorials before playing. Instead, RuneScape starts gamers out in an area of the world known as Tutorial Island. Here, players will learn to move through the world, battle, make items, cast magic, and practice the skills that they will need to be successful in RuneScape. After learning how to exist in the world, players will leave the island and be let lose in the world of RuneScape.

Much of the game will have players battling the forces of evil, so it’s important that gamers learn how to fight and fight well. Swords, axes, and staffs give gamers the chance to engage their foes up close, while bows, arrows, and magic allow them to fight from afar. Both methods of combat have their advantages and detriments, and gamers will want to experiment to see which fits their style of gameplay the best.

Quests make up the main meat of RuneScape. There is a list of available quests available at RuneScape.com, and players should look over the list to know where to start each quest and to get an idea of what they will need to accomplish. Gamers looking to really research quests can even visit sites like Sal’s Realm of RuneScape (http://runescape.salmoneus.net/) or Rune Tips (http://tip.it/runescape/) for complete quest guides.

The reward for finishing a quest is usually worth the time, resulting in special items, weapons, or gold. Quests range in the amount of work required, and more difficult quests result in much better rewards. Some quests are only available to players of a certain level.

There’s more to RuneScape than battling and questing, though. Players also have to master skills like cooking, mining, fishing, crafting, farming, and more. These skills allow gamers to make items to use or sell to other players for extra money. Some items can only be made from skills, and there are some quests that require players to make items to complete them.

While leveling up skills can take awhile, the rewards are worth it. For gamers who want to bypass all of the hard work, there are programs available that will make the character use a skill over and over automatically. Be warned, however, that the RuneScape directors do not look upon these programs favorably, and they will ban players who get caught using them.

While it’s not full of the latest graphics or amazing videos, gamers who love RPGs should give RuneScape a chance The fact that gamers can access their account from anywhere is a huge plus, as is the small monthly membership fee. The game is also updated very regularly, so new quests, monsters, and content are always being added. Players looking for flashy, big name games should go elsewhere, but players who love old-fashioned, well-designed online RPGs will love the world of RuneScape.

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