How to Defeat All Bosses in Mega Man 9

Mega Man is one of the most well known gaming series around the world and has a huge following throughout North America and Asia alike. There are numerous different versions of the game ranging from the original which came out on the older gaming counsels like the original Nintendo and has now moved on too much bigger and advanced ones like the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3.

Mega Man will probably never die out due to its popularity, but there are times when even the most diehard breed of gamers will come to realize that some parts are just too difficult to master despite whatever they try and do. This is especially true for Mega Man 9 as many people have found it nearly impossible to defeat all bosses, but fear not, with proper gaming strategy, you too can get through it.


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    Splash Woman and Concrete Man

    Starting off with Splash Woman, you need to begin shooting her immediately and keep below her vision level. The fish at the bottom need to be shot, especially when they fly across the screen as Splash Woman sings and shoots laser tridents. She charges at you and you will need to keep your distance while shooting.

    Next comes Concrete Man. The trick here is to use the laser trident to defeat him. You need to jump over him as he charges at you and shoot back in the direction he is running, which will be behind you now along with jumping whenever he is looking to cause an earthquake.

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    Galaxy Man and Jewel Man

    These two bosses are the next up in line. The Concrete Shot will help you in defeating Galaxy Man as you will need to fire at him while he charges at you. Be sure to keep away from the back hole he fires and fire at him again when he is down and out.

    Using the black hole bomb is a sure way to defeat Jewel Man, but stay away from him as far as possible and fire again when the bomb is nearly approaching him to make an explosion that makes a needful impact.

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    Plug Man, Tornado Man, Magma Man and Hornet Man

    These four bosses are the last in line and in ascending order. Gaining the Jewel Satellite will allow you to beat Plug Man, followed by using the Plug Ball to defeat Tornado Man. The Tornado Blow will beat Magma Man and the Magma Bazooka will defeat Hornet Man.

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